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Just got a Minim. I would like to get into programming the remote MIDI and SYSEX commands that are available. The documentation on this isn't comprehensive though. Looks like there are some errors with the titling of some of the MIDI sections of the addendum.
Also, the SYSEX is listing in decimal which is a little confusing. 
Can you provide or create a more detailed data for this?


  • Hi Moon,

    thanks for the fast reply. Firstly, i think the Minim is a great product. The pads are not super responsive so I wouldn't recommend them for finger drumming but as a general controller its good.
    As far as the docs go:

    On the "settings channel" docs there are a few things i don't understand.

    Maps page - all good.

    Tables page - How does this differ from the Maps page? there is some erroneous excel programming on the RHS.

    Fader LED colours page - What is the "191" under "message" on the RHS? I.E "{191.0.1}"
    Is this also for other Livid products?

    Piano functions page - More of that "191" in the message data. Doesn't seem to be necessary for the functions to work.

    LED Direct page - "190" in this one.

    Output control page - Has Sliders parameters for key and controller. Is the slider not just controller?

    Output config page - On RHS it has "DUPLICATE" and "Output control" "for 116 for 112 for 111". What are these?

    Control Output con... page - What is the flip function? On RHS it has "DUPLICATE" and "Output control" "for 116 for 112 for 111". What are these?

    Tilt pages - have not looked at these yet.

    Could you give me an explanation of these things as i am not sure about them.
    Yes, SYSEX in hex would be great thanks.
    If i can get my head around these things then I should be able to create an IDevice based MINIM configurer using MidiDesigner and/or Lemur. Unless of course there is an app coming out ;)

  • Thank you. I will give all that a try

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