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Brain Jr. RGB LED Wiring


I am currently trying to use a RGB LED with my Brain Jr., however I am unable to get it to light up. I purchased the header from Futurlec as recommended in the Livid Wiki since the LED breakout shield is no longer available (, and then I wired the LED to the brain as instructed, but I'm still unable to get the LED to light up. Can someone help me out and provide a detailed step-by-step process on how to properly connect an RGB light to the Brain Jr.?

Thanks for the support!



  • Hey Justin,

    Thanks for your help! I tried 2X5x7 rectangular diffused anode LED's. I followed the directions provided on the LIVID wiki for the brain jr. Here is a picture, not sure if the file will work:

    I've been struggling pretty bad, so I appreciate your help



  • Not a problem, I'll send now. Thanks again

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