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questions regarding the 'hacker method' before final commitment to build! Brainv2

Hey guys,        HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a long break since i bought the kit i've returned to get this brainv2 MIDI mixer controller build in motion over the holidays, pretty happy with design and most issues now ironed out! i'll be using a few omni board modules which are already made and good to go, i'm using the slide boards for channel faders at 40mm centers, which will also have pots and encoders on the channel using hacker method for 'custom layout'. 
My questions:

1) When using panel mount pots, in varied positions, would it be best to, use an omni board and directly wire each pot to the omni board, (rather than placing the components onto the board as normal) following the instructions to build a 16B for example, then another omni with 16E for my encoders, or would wiring like this cause noise problems? 

2) I want to use a number of tactile switches in the project and am wondering is it possible to have a non programmable LED across the switch to indicate on/off with the switch? i'm guessing it might ok if switch is used as an analog ? but ok on the button headers and/or button matrix holes too? or possible at all? just curious, i think i've still plenty to play with out of the led headers anyway!

Any info in the archives about the old push and slide boards? i.e the connections and about the led holes on the slide boards?

One final thing, i have some push button encoders, i can only assume there is no way i can use these with the omni boards and somehow have access to switch pins by putting them through the pot holes on the board, a long shot i know but... you never know.....!!!!? 

Many Thanks 


  • Hi Moon, 

    Thanks for the reply, with regards to Q1 would it be better to wire to an omni board or to the button matrix on the brainv2? would shielded or double insulated wire possibly help with noise, i will locate whichever as close as i can to the pots! 

    Thanks thats good to know about the non programmable LEDs, i'll test it all beforehand to check it out.

     I'm using a few of the old byob slide boards and was wondering about the, jp1, jp2, jp3, +, _ connections and the 6 led holes on the boards. i see the holes for the cap for the fader and holes for the resistor for the leds on each side just wondering what jp1,2 and 3 are and how i should connect them to the brainv2.
    i'm also hoping to use just 2 little 1' x 1' push byob boards for 2 of my buttons (besides those already on omni or omni rgb boards.)

    Many thanks once again & happy new year to you and yours!

  • Just found answers to jp1,2,3 question in this video, jp3 = wiper!! 

  • Hey Guys, 

    So, any suggestion as to which method would be best? i.e to wire panel mount components to an omni board or to the spliced ribbon cables coming from the brainv2 for pots an encoders and same question for buttons/switches, i.e wire to an omni board or to the button and LED matrix on the brainv2? i could locate the omnis a bit closer to components for shorter runs!?
    Many Thanks
  • Great, I kinda thought this would be the case, just seems a slightly better option and would keep things neater!! 

    Many Thanks Moon for the quick response and solid advise, as always its very much appreciated!!
    Cheers Al ;-)
  • Hey moon, 

    One more quick one, for a 16 k board feeding 16 panel mount pots, would it be better to run individual grounds from each pin on onmi board to pots, or splice the ground on the ribbon cable and run 1 ground per header to pots and daisy chain between pots?

    Many Thanks 
  • Ahhh, i just realise i need to go through omni board with individual wires as the caps are there! No panic!!! Al

  • Hey Guys,  just wondering if i can use another cap instead of  the 10uF tantalum header caps on a 16k omni? Thanks Al

  • No Problem Moon, i'll stick with what is recommended so!! Many thanks again for all of your invaluable guidance throughout this project, tis very much appreciated!! Its almost finished, i'll stick up a few pics when i do!! Thanks Al

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