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Encoder Scrolling 4 at a Time

Hey guys,

So I just built a simple controller with the Brain Jr to control some decks in my DJ software and am using an encoder to scroll through the track list. The encoder is a 2 bit, 20 detent one and it is working except it scrolls 4 lines up or down the list for one detent. When I watch the midi output from the Brain Jr, it is sending 4 separate cc127 or cc001 commands for each detent. I'm sure there is a simple way to change this so it sends on command per detent but this is all new to me. Can any of you give me any guidance on if this is possible?

Thanks in advance!


  • Your encoders send 4 ppd (pulses per detent). On the editing software, there should be a area to change the encoder speed. This will solve your issue, but only will work with the encoders in 'absolute' mode.

  • Thanks for the response. That sucks that it only works in absolute, pretty sure I need it in relative mode to get the proper up and down scroll response in my DJ software. What through a sysex? I saw a code for changing encoder speed in the wiki for the jr. That won't work in relative either?

  • I too need it in relative mode... But the editor doesn't seem to change anything. Am I wrong Moon?

  • Problem solved! Updated the firmware to the latest and it works perfectly on relative mode, one message per detent. Thank you moon! You ended my frustration!

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