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Minim claims iOS8+ support but it's not true.

I'm pretty ticked off so forgive my "livid" tone. 

I got one of the very first Minims on Kickstarter, but have had no free time to really get familiar with it.  I finally decided I wanted to tinker with it on my iPad Mini Retina running iOS 8.1.2.  Livid’s website clearly states all over the place (such as among other places) that the Minim requires iOS 8+, so I figure I’m all good.  But NO!  They changed the app to REQUIRE iOS9 and to add insult to injury, you can’t even download the last compatible version like with most apps!  BAD LIVID!  This is atrociously bad.  If you absolutely had to upgrade the minimum requirements because you found that Minim simply did not work properly under iOS 8, then update your damn website to say that!  I’m super pissed.  My Minim is essentially just a paperweight now because I’m not about to destroy my perfectly functioning iPad mini by upgrading to iOS10, and of course I can’t upgrade to 9.  Thanks Apple.

So, now that I've vented... anyone know of any way at all to pair the Minim to iOS 8?  I really wanted to use it with Korg Gadget.
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