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Ohm64 + Ableton 9.5 remote scripts aren't working like they used to in Live 8


I recently upgraded to Ableton Live 9.5 and updated my Ohm64 to the latest firmware (123) and realized that my Ohm64 midi remote scripts no longer work like they did in Live 8.2.1. I downloaded and installed the Livid_OhmModes_2 (for Live 9.5) and I get some functionality but the track volume sliders on the Ohm64 controller are unresponsive and unable to be manually midi mapped.  I also noticed that the midi remote scripts are now broken in the same manner when going back to Live 8.2.1 which leads me to believe that maybe the firmware update changed something. Is there any way to rollback the firmware or is there some other possible remedy? Any help would be much appreciated.



  • Thanks Moon. Turns out I'd updated to the wrong firmware version. Everything is right again.

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