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Updated Live (to 9.6.2) and MaxForLive - OhmRGB Slim not working!!

Hi guys,

Sorry if a solution has been posted elsewhere, I'm useless with stuff like this and always encounter problems or find the guides near-on impossible to follow! I've had nightmares with gear before but this is the first problem I've had with the Ohm. It started when I updated my Ableton to 9.6.2 along with Max For Live and some other bits.

Livid OhmRGB or Modes, etc don't show in the Control Surface dropdown in Live's MIDI section despite me having downloaded the new Ohm Modes scripts and the new firmware for the unit having apparently been installed. The scripts themselves do appear in the MIDI scripts within my Live package contents, but not within Live itself.

When it's plugged in some of the white LED's show indicating it's on, but none of the coloured 64 pads light up and the unit isn't picked up in Ableton (no red box around my parts/channels).

I've no idea how to program or re-write the MIDI manually, as I said above; I'm useless with this kinda thing! 

Apologies if I don't make much sense, my brain's fried from this evenings latest episode of f*ckery!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm just downloading or reading the same things over and over and getting no further!  

Thanks very much, 

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