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Report: IT WORKS! MAX 5 Runtime with MLRV2 and Livid OHMRGB Slim inside Linux

Hi guys, first time poster here. Just took the time to publish this info, since it took me a couple of days to do it, and perhaps it can save someone's time and effort.

I've managed to successfully run the Monome MAX patch "MLRV2" version 2.5 (from ), inside a MAX 5 Runtime, inside wine-rt, and connected to wineasio, plugged into JACK audio server inside Linux, while being controlled (receiving MIDI messages and sending lights data) to a Livid OHM RGB Slim.

Here's the how to i have submitted to wine appdb for running it on Linux:

For those wondering if it works OK... Yes, 100% stable, good and clean sound, quick and responsive.

The software part can be solved by following the mentioned link. For the hardware part, to connect Livid OHMRGB into MAX, is quite simple: Linux already recognizes Livid OHMRGB right out of the box, since it is class-compliant. all you have to do (before firing up MAX) is use KXStudio's Cadence (the JACK server controller) to tell it to export ALSA MIDI ports to JACK. And then, when you run MAX (inside wine), it will see OHMRGB as an input / output.

That's it. Would love to see other fellows reporting on this and, perhaps, using / reporting other MAX patches running inside Linux and connected to their Livid's.



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