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Brand new at guitar wing have many questions on ableton garage band and guitar wing...

Hello to anyone that can help answer some questions,

I bought a wing and am waiting fullfillment on another one from livid.I bought one on sale and could not

get it to be recognized by ableton in the control surface list . I did get the wing to run in stand alone mode with wing effects software.I have a presonus audiobox interface , garage band ,and ableton9.6.1 30 day free version.I am using 1.2.3 on the wing software.

I got the Pitch pedal to get sound out of it in guitar rig.I was not sure how to set the slider on the pitch pedal to work with the

slider on the guitar wing or how to get control of the presets in guitar rig 5 free version.Step by step how can i set the controls to work with my guitar wing I would like to set the pitch pedal in gui rig like moldover has in his setup.I also encountered a problem when uploading the scripts in the wing software for the (!)ngrr the windows 7 files were not

loading is the sample ableton set an apple type file is that why?my live  set provided would not load.How do i set the

buttons to different parameters ,and how do i scroll from my guitar wing through the different presets of the guitar rig ?

I uploaded the guitar rig as a standard upload and i was not sure if i should have uploaded it as a vst ? what should i do

because live isn't recognizing guitar rig 5.I also have reaper and could not get reaper to work with the wing.I would basically like to get my wing to function like the video of moldover with each button a upward pitch and the slide control on the wing a variable pitch adjustment.I have a win 7 laptop the upload it said one of the files

could not be encrypted do you want to continue?Could this be an issue ?Maybe it was for mac ox i have win 7?If I c ould get some help it would be very much appreciated thanks ....----regards scottsober


  • I only have win 7 laptop ,and garage rig 5  free version and ableton free for 20 days( not garage band  that was a miss print.)Thanks alot again to anyone that can help.I did get the ableton to load the (!) file for the live included set this morning .I was not sure how to get the wing to control different functions .Particularily the pitch pedal in guitar rig 5 i want to map the buttons like moldover did with the pitch pedal and the slider with the slider in the pitch pedal guitar rig 5.I could not get ableton to recognize the guitar wing control surface in the most left row of the midi link section and audio setttings page in preferences options in ableton.I have an audio box presonus usb interface .and so you see i have what it takes to hook

    it all up i just need a little coaching to answer my questions ....----regards scott gates 8-26-2016 1:34 pm n.y time

  • Hi,

    I only have a few days of ableton live left.I have 9.61.Sorry i am busy and will not get a chance to try till early next week. I am going to get the ableton live intro version soon.I am almost certain this will be 9.62,and i will try your method .Thanks alot again ....----enjoy regards.... scotty9-2-2016

  • Hello again,

    I got a new wing today and it operates great in standalone mode . I have win 7 laptop a presonus audio box and guitar rig 5( not garage band that was a mistake). I have ableton live demo for 7 days left also as of 9-9-2016 so my ableton ends on 9-16-2016.It says 9.62 ver. scripts file says 9.61 upon ableton opening.I would like to use the old wing to practice mapping .I would like to map slider on wing to the main slider up 2 octaves in the pitch preset  pedal for guitar rig 5.I just got my second wing today and thanks it is great ! I am a beginner and i would need someone to tell me step by step how to map the wing with the slider on the guit wing .Can you suggest what might work?I would like to sound like moldover if possible to duplicate it with my equip.I will be getting intro to live soon after 7 days from now.Thanks for answering my questions when you can....----scotty 9-9-2016.p.s.I am designing a livid led design that will be for t-1 leds and light up to say LIVID.I will even build it and ship it to you for free along with the pc board design. I make led art for different messages to display.It will take a couple weeks for me to send the livid led display either in a ball cap or a desk display.thanks your the best                                    regards ....----scottsober  ....----enjoy sent 9-9-2016

  • I was not able to remap the controls for the guitar wing.I wanted to set the pitch slider to the same settings 

    as moldover has for remapping the buttons and the slider to different pitch positions.I have 9.6.2 ableton live 
    a win7 laptop a guitar rig 5 installed.I could not get the main slider in the pitch pedal to slide when i hit the slider on my guitar wing it should slide the slider on the pitch pedal guitar rig pedal software well it doesn't.regards 
    scottsober 9-25-2016
  • I finished the pcboard express pc board layout for livid in red t-1 leds i will build soon and ship  it to you .i will send it to contact you will need pcboard express to open it a free d.l......----enjoy regards scotty gates 9-15-2016.p.s. I sent the guitar wing to my computer shop for them to try and figure out i have 

    intro to ableton live 9 a presonus audio box interface and a win 7 computer and guitar rig 5.I could not remap the controls to set the settings that moldover did in his video of guitar wind demo.Like i said it is at the computer shop( the guitar wing)
  • Hello i checked the layout looks good for the livid led layout i have not had the time yet to build it.I 

    had the computer shop fix a broken usb port on my computer and still could not get the tech at the shop 
    to map the guitar wing to the settings moldover has on the demo on you tube.I have intro to ableton live win 7 and presonus audiobox and guitar rig 5.So far i have only got the standalone version to work with the guitar wing.I could not get further neither could the tech at the computer shop.I bought intro to ableton and now i have even more invested in the guitar wing.any help would be appreciated.I think he is trying to update to the new guitar wing firmware at the computer shop i brought my whole setup in to get it working at the repair shop my guitar the presonus audiobox and now i have to pay for this also .This is getting expensive for me.regards....----scottsober 9-19-2016 4:10 pm
  • So to recap i had brought my guitar wing to computer shop no help ,just another

    bill to pay.So far the techs where i bought ableton intro to live took control of my computer remotely no help either.I called ableton no answer there.I would like to

    map in ableton to control the pitch slider with the large cc#3 slider on the guitar wing in the guitar rig /ableton live  settings.I could not map the guitar wing in ableton live to adjust the pitch slider of the guitar wing to slide when pressed on the wing it should be mapped so that the computer slider in the pitch pedal on the computer screen moves when i move the slider on the guitar wing.I have ableton live intro win 7 laptop and presonus audio box computer interface.Today is 9-21-2016 wednsday 8:13 pm .I also see that i have ver 9.62 in ableton live and the 9.61 scripts as the tech that tried to use the 9.62 scripts for the wing said he was getting an error.Have you done something new with your software i am not aware of now that the guitar wing has changed how it works with the new ableton live.I already tried and updated the guitar wing to the new firmware and scripts STILL NOT WORKING .Do I have to plan a trip to texas to get one of your personell to get my guitar wing working or can you assist because at this point i have used my savings completely any way so even you would not be able to get the guitar wing working ,and you built it?So you see stand in my shoes the hours i spent and the money i spent on the guitar wing and try to get it working for me ....regards ....----scottsober 

  • I did finally get the guitar wing to do what i intended .I got the midi mapped and was able to change the pitch slider in guitar rig 5 from my guitar wing slider.Man is that sweet!I did not get it working after i shut everything down and started a new session but for a while it was a stunning effect.I have to go to my place of employment i will keep you posted .I ran out of pc board materials so the led livid design will have to wait for now as my funds are running low.Thank you at livid for the guitar wing this is great progress

    for now!Thanks to ableton also for intro to live 9.6.2 and native instruments for guitar rig 5 .If i can i will find out exactly how i was able to do this and keep you posted .You can also order pc boards for the livid design double sided boards from pc board express just make certain that the top and foil side are correct for plated through holes for the leds for the design i sent to you if you want i will build one led sign that says livid and lights up also from the pc board layout i sent you.There are also some parts that go on the design so that the battery is not put sraight across to power the leds and as such i will mount a few extra parts to it to flash the livid leds on and off .I will also try to get you the led parts placement when i get a chance.I am off to work now .thanks again ....----enjoy a great day scottsober 9-22-2016 3:24pm

  • Did you follow these instructions?

    You may want to double check where the MIDI prefs file was installed. It should be in:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Native Instruments\Guitar Rig 5\Controller Assignments.shm

    You'll also need to make sure that the controller is active in Guitar Rig standalone version. Go to "Audio and MIDI Settings" - I'm not sure which menu it's in on Windows. On mac, it's under the File menu. Make sure the Bluetooth controller or Guitar Wing is enabled like in this picture:

    That's for Guitar Rig standalone app. If you want to control it in Abelton, you'll need to load Guitar Rig as a VST in Live, then map the different controls to Ableton Macros, then you can map those using MIDI Learn in Live if you want. 

    Also, you can use a MIDI Monitor program like:

    Just to double check that hte guitar wing is sending MIDI to your computer.

    Hope that helps,


  • i was able to get the wing mapped but when i tried after i shut ableton down i did not remember the settings and then was not able to get the wing working again i sent a video to you at contact@lividinstruments of my wing working but could not get it working again it would not let me map the pitch pedal in guitar rig and ableton.i am busy at my place of employment and will ask more questions when i can pete thanks for replying and i did install the 9.62 scripts also updated the wing firmware and installed the guitar rig as a plugin in ableton .i will check on the newest email from you early this week and try the method of locating the guit. rig file you mentioned my you tube channel is scottsober1 and the guitar wing video is there of the wing working only once did i get it mapped.let me know what the process is for getting the same settings mapped as in the video in your reply to this....----kind regards 9-24-2016 scottsober

  • So to recap i tried to get the pitch shifter guitar rig slider mapped was able to do

    this once,now i am getting an orange glow in the midi ports midi page it is showing

    up in orange .How do i get the guitar wing recognized as black in color.i sent you a video of it working and now this is happening could you please send instructions for guitar rig guyitar wing and ableton mapping .Havibg the midi ports orange is not good.I want those to show up black in color.How was the pc board pattern i sent to you for the t-1-leds that say livid i thought quite nice....----help would be appreciated thanks....----scottsober (scotty)

  • as i mentioned before it is showing up as orange in the preferences midi inputs i need an answer now ! scottsober 10-2-2016 5:05 am scottsober find the answer!

  • As i mentioned before, the midi preferences are glowing an orange color i need them to be black for the midi ports. Is a file being used somewhere else or what is up with the 9.62 scripts ver 2 they were black before?I don't have any money or much time to spend getting this to function again.I have been looking for answers please find the answer it was operating at one point ....----scottsober 10-2-2016 7:55pm ny time

  • Hello again,

    I still am not able to reenact the settings in live 9 intro and guitar rig 5 and the guitar wing.I did get it to work on a couple of different trys.Please keep in mind I will be patient and ask the same of you .I am trying to map the wing to ableton live 9 to the guitar rig software pitch pedal slider in guitar rig 5 .I know a few things ,but when i try the wing does not respond and map the slider .I can get the slider to move with my win 7 mouse ,but it does not sync to the wing device ,I would like to get the pitch pedal pitchedelica to work with the wing .And when i map it is not showing up in the midimapping list.I somehow got the wing colors in preferences to change from orange to black,so that is solved.I was i guess not understanding the process to map the wing with ableton and guitar rig 5.I will be patient ,and realize that you have a lot of customers and i also tryed to use the instructions that pete sent,i also could not get the wing to work after checking these instructions.I will try to keep in touch as this is continuing to cost more and more.

    I will be patient and anticipate working this out have a peaceful, serene evening.actually i was at zztop here in my area for a diet pepsi refillable concert

    and i really enjoyed the show ....----zz top rocks and so do you livid your the best !regards ....----scottsober10-5-2016  4:11pm ny time

  • Hello again Livid,

    I found the answer. I  was able to set up the slider in the pitch pedal in ableton live and guitar rig 5 to wing controlling pitch .I now would like to map different parameters to do the pitch in different increments for the wings 4 buttons.similiar to moldovers' video.I noticed the drums werent functioning when i mapped the cc3slider to pitch pedal how do i get them back on?as they were included with the wing?i anticipate your reply and will wait patiently for your reply have great day and i love the wings i have thanks have the best day ever.  regards ....----scotty10-6-2016

  • I mapped the cc3 long slider to the pitch pedal in guitar rig with ableton live  and then

    pressed the rectangular buttons and did not get the drum presets to play but only the pitch slider to move when i controlled it with the guitar wing I can now map and get different effects in live 9.I noticed the drums work still in standalone mode howecver,i could not get them to be on with the pitch effect on.Do i need to go  to browse in the wing window to reload the presets that were there when it was shipped ,or what is the procedure with live open? i want to also map the buttons to different pitch intervals also....----i look forward to your instructions thanks scottsober 10-12-2016

  • Sorry i do not understand the procedure requested by you....----,however i finished the livid led pc board ! It looks nice ! I sent pictures of it to contact @  it is a desk mount red led sign, that you can use to display the livid name , give me a ship address and i will ship it to you and the pc board pattern  also. enjoy your morning 10-17-2016   peace i'm out... scottsober

  • I will email you with the pictures of the livid led sign and ship it to you when you send a ship address....----thanks alot moldover and livid for the guitar wing ! scottsober (scotty ) 10-17-2016 9:47 pm n.y time

  • Is the guitar wing just a MIDI device?

    Is it IOS compliant?

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