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New MIDI Remote Scripts for Ableton Live 9.76



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    Hi All,

    Since I updated to Ableton 9.7 obviously my DS1 doesn't show up as a control surface,
    I've read through all these posts and tried all sorts of thing to fix it, including installing older versions of ableton, none of which work, I have resigned to try and map the controller manually,
    can anybody help me, I'm trying to recreate the function of the button which cycled through the 3 modes,
    bottom right button on the pad of 9?
     Many thanks for any help..
    obviously this is all way over my head, wish I hadn't updated ableton
  • > amounra said: > You'll need 9.7.2 for the currently available scripts to work. I've tested with 9.7.2 and Max 7.34, everything is working :) > > Make sure you've also replaced your Python files with in MIDI Remote Scripts with the proper files from the m4m7 repository. Let me know if you need more help, cheers! > > a

    In case if I'll update to ableton 9.7.3 is it going to work?
    Currently I have ableton 9.7.1 synststeppr is working but only one instance per project. 
  • AFAIK, everything works peachy....let me know if you run into any problems ;)

  • hey guys, i just tried to install the latest scripts as per instruction t, but i am now on ableton live 9.7.3 64bit on osx 10.11.6 and ds1 is not showing. then i re-opened my older version of live 9.7.1 and everything is there and working fine... any clues?

  • Everything is working locally for me in 9.74 (the current release).  If you installed the current m4m7 build in 9.73,  but not in 9.71, then the Live instance is using an older of version of m4m7 that was built for it the time of its release, so yeah, it's probably going to work.  I don't see any changes I made to scripts between 9.72 and 9.74 in the changelog, so the current build SHOULD work on 9.73 as well.  I can double check my side, but it would be useful (and much easier for me) to see your log.txt if you could please forward it to me.

  • 9.7.5 is out and has broken a few small things in the scripts.  I've updated the scripts on GitHub, but haven't tested them all out so please let me know if you find a problem, thanks :)


  • Noo, i´ve got everything working now with 9.7.5 and the ohmModes v2  showed up again in the control surface settings.     I´ve tested it in a project and I could load drumsteppr with a drum rack and the ohm modes button on the top right corner was working. 

    Now I wanted to use it again and the ohm modes button doesn't work again. I can't control the drumsteppr or the synth steppr anymore. 

    I´ve tweaked and fiddled around for 3 hours now and finally got it working, now after 5 minutes and NO changes it doesn't work anymore. Why is this ? 

  • Good question....I can't reproduce, everything is working fine for me.  You could send me a copy of your log.txt from Live's preferences and I can have a look.  Also, are there any errors in the Max window?


  • Hi There! is the current CNTRL:R script working on ableton 10? i'd like to know before improving ableton to the next version.

    Thank you very much!

  • Yes, pm me with your email and I can send you the beta version.  I won't be releasing them until Live10 is released....


  • Hi Amounra, 

    I just updated to live 10 and I'd like to know when the scripts will be available ?
    Also, usually I remove everything from your script except the 8*8 grid and the scene navigation. (using the ohmRgb).
    Have you got just this part ? (Otherwise I'll just comment things that I don't need, but as I'm not a coder, sometimes I just broke everything ahah).

    Thank you a lot, 


  • I'm downloading the final release now, when it's finished I have to decompile all the Python files and double check to make sure nothing changed between the beta and the release.  If everything is the same, I'll have the new scripts up later tonight.  I'll post here with instructions once I get everything squared away.  

    re: customizations.  I probably won't have time to get to this until the weekend, have a try at it and if you can't get things working hit me up later in the week.


  • Thank, 

    I didn't found the repo for the beta (checked the Livid Instrument Github and your). 
    I'm not in a rush, take your time :)

    Have a nice day
  • I didn't make the beta public because I was under NDA as a beta tester for Ableton.  Also, some of the m4l devices I've written and  previously distributed for free are getting overhauled with updates and becoming paid devices (along with some new ones nobody has seen yet ;)). 

    I've checked the release and there were no changes, so you'll see a new GitHub repository (m4m8) with the Live10 versions of all my scripts later tonight (also with some new Python scripts for Novation's Launchpad series).

    I'll drop a note here when I get everything pushed to GitHub.


  • Ok, they're up:

    Please email me with any bug reports with a clear description of how to reproduce any problems you find, and include a copy of your log.txt from Live's preferences so I can try and debug the problem.

    I've included preliminary versions of the Stepprs and a few other things, they seem to be working ok but I will be going over them later this week in an effort to save them from the annals of obsolescence once more ;)

    The rest of the content from my m4m7 will reappear later as I have time to update them.  

    Cheers :)


  • Hi Amounra, 

    I tried it yesterday, the script is running great so far for me. I'm just using the 8*8 grid so I can't say for everyone but nice to see my 2 ohmrgb running. 
    I don't use Max, but if you're looking for beta tester I'm here :-)

  • Hi Amounra,

    Does the Live Script for Live 9 work on 9.7.6?

  • AFAICT, I haven't extensively (or even explicitly) tested it yet to be honest though....let me know if you find any trouble.  Everything was fine with 9.75 and I don't see any Python changes in 9.76 scripts that should have any effect.


  • Ableton is now on 9.7.7 is there anything broken in this version. Just asking before I will update to that version.

  • Not sure, I wasn't aware 9.77 was out (I've had my head in Live10 for a while and didn't see an update).  I'll have a look today and see if there were any changes that should affect the older Live 9 scripts.


  • Should be fine.

  • Yep indeed everything works

  • edited November 2018

    Hi I have ableton live intro 9.7.7 and this doesnt work. 

  • it works but we have to follow the read me document very carefully.

  • The wiki site is down so I cannot read the instrucitons

  • Hi seriously,

    We are working on resolving the issues with the wiki.
    We hope to have it back up and running tomorrow.
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