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New MIDI Remote Scripts for Ableton Live 9.76



  • Those scripts work with 9.71.

  • > amounra said: > Those scripts work with 9.71.

    Ok, I'll update status after installation.
  • Works fine for me, so you probably haven't followed all the instructions.  

    Most common mistake is not copying all of the folders over.  Did you copy the aumhaa folder?

    If that doesn't solve it, I'll need to see a copy of your log.txt.


  • edited February 2017
    •  Did you copy the aumhaa folder?

    It's from installation. Can't find this folder in repository.

    Fixed by copying "aumhaa"  folder from amounra's github . Now both "aumhaa" and my controller's folder are from one source.
    Ok, it's time to investigate what is different from first ableton script that I used to run for live mashups.
    Thank you!
  • Sorry for being very insistent, just could not find better topic about Ableton scripts ,

    Is there an itteration of script like in this video for new version (9.7.1)? Session view pads layout was incredibly great to use.
    Thank you for any reply.
  • Hi Moon,

    No problems with current script with Ableton 9.7.1 but I was trying to use previous script. Please check post above.
  • Thanks for the great scripting work amounra, I've learned a ton from your scripts!
    Just wanted to let you know that I got an error today for the first time with the new Basev2 script in Live 9.7.1.

    I've commented the specific if statement from the so for now it works, is that a fairly safe thing to do?

    I can't post the full log here (body is 3226 characters too long) so here's just the offending line:

    - Jor

    40454 ms. RemoteScriptError:   File "MIDI Remote Scripts/aumhaa/v2/control_surface/components/", line 157, in _visible_steps

    40454 ms. RemoteScriptError:     
    40454 ms. RemoteScriptError: if self._is_triplet_quantization():

    40454 ms. RemoteScriptError: AttributeError
    40455 ms. RemoteScriptError: : 
    40455 ms. RemoteScriptError: 'MonoNoteEditorComponent' object has no attribute '_is_triplet_quantization'
  • Thanks for the heads up!  I have another user that's reported the same error, although its strange that I'm not getting it with my own machine.  Are you using Windows or MacOS?  

    I'll get a fix or an explanation as soon as possible, but it will be Monday before I can really look at it....


  • edited February 2017

    I'm not in a hurry, take your time! I can't imagine how much work it is to keep chasing Ableton updates, brrr..

    I believe I got the error when pushing a couple of buttons at the same time, I was just experimenting and pretty lost when it happend so it might be tricky to recreate, I'll try and see if I can find what caused it.

    After a few more days I seem to be having a few other problems, but it could also be because I'm new to the script:
    - I can't seem to get a fixed length clip (either 2 or 4 bars)
      I'm using the yellow button in shifted send mode as explained on the Wiki (I suspect I am doing something wrong here)
    - Whenever I hold the top touch buttons as a shift (hold it down) it also switches to that track, some way to change this?
    - It seems like Autoarm is no longer an option in the can I still set this somewhere else?
    Looks like a very handy feature!

    I'm on MacOS, Sierra
  • Apparently I missed an update....I've been using 9.7, didn't see any errors.  Working on diff-ing 9.71 now, I'll have an update today or tomorrow hopefully!

  • You're a hero, one other thing I noticed:
    The user banks seem to switch channels;

    Initially Userbank 1 sends on channel 11 but when I switch to device mode and back a few times it will send to channel 1 which makes it impossible to midi learn stuff
  • All these problems will be impossible to diagnose until I get an updated version of the scripts out.  I've found the errors, I'm fixing now.  Once I get a new version out, let me know if you're still having the same problems and I'll look at them then, chances are everything is happening because of the triplet_quantization error.

  • Just pushed updates to Github, please let me know if you're still having issues with those bugs.  I was able to confirm there was a problem with Translations (page 4), and fixed this (although there is still a problem with the channel selector buttons lighting correctly when you switch to this page...I'm still trying to figure out what that's about).  


  • Perfect! Will check this tonight, it's only the v2/control surface dir right?

  • edited March 2017

    You'll need to replace the "Livid_CNTRLR_v2" from m4m7/Livid Remote Scripts and "aumhaa" from m4m7/Python Scripts.

  • Just to make sure, I am using the Base controller, does it  depend on the CNTRLR script?

  • Oh, oops.  Just replace aumhaa then, I'll have to have a further look at the Base script about the other stuff....but that should definitely fix some things.

  • Thanks, I'll keep you posted! 

  • After some very quick testing it seems like the triplet quantize error is no longer an issue, this was the only one that actually crashed the script so I'm glad to see it fixed.
    The Usermode random channel change still happens, this is at the moment the only thing that makes it difficult to use the script, I can work around the other issues.

    One totally unrelated question; Would it be possible to programatically change scales from within Ableton, I'm thinking along the lines of ClyphX where I can enter a command inside a clip that the script reads.
    I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with python and I have actually been thinking about this for a while now, problem is: I have no idea where to start.
    Any suggestions? Should this be a Sysex thing?

  • Thanks for the report.  I'll have a Base at my disposal tomorrow, so I'll be able to update the script and check the other errors you were reporting.

    There is already a tagging provision in the script that allows dynamic assignment of Scale/Offset/Interval/etc. based on the first track device's name.  You can see how this works by renaming the first device with a prefix ("@scale:") and then changing the scale via the Base's controls.  This was a solution I came up with early on in development to accommodate giving different tracks with the same input channel assignment the capability of using different settings.  You could certainly hack that functionality and add a playing clip listener for each track that would reassign the Base's settings based on what clip is playing.

    Not for the feint of heart, but totally doable ;)  It would probably take me a couple of hours to get this working for you if you wanted to commission the work from me...I'd be able to complete this weekend I think.  If you decide to do it yourself I'll tell you whatever I can to help, but having done a lot of this sort of stuff I can tell you its less than simple.  The good news is I've already done the work with the tag parsing, so you can leverage that and there's no need to write it from scratch.

  • Thank you for the detailed reply! I have been away from my computer for a few days but I will check out that function and see if it makes sense to me.
    I'm pretty novice with Python and especially the Framework so I might actually need some help with this, can I send you a PM for details? 

  • Absolutely :)

  • Hello @amounra

    I know you already talk about it, but it would be really awesome to have the highlights back on the 4x4 button for the CNTRL. 

    Thanks for everything !
  • Hi amounra, I've send you a message a few days ago, did you see it? I'm not sure if I used the right method, thank you!

  • @Alvynn:  I'll be doing some work on the scripts for upcoming Live release, I'll have a look at it then and fix if possible.

    @jorvyd:  Got your message, I've been insanely busy with shows and life and haven't had a chance to respond to you yet, but you're in the queue....I'll try to get back to you tomorrow!  Sorry for the delay...


  • Always need go learn things out of the music. 

    Dont know how work Python or github
    Can not only gibe a simple guitarist a file called  .""midi script" simply put it on your Ableton resources/midi script folder."
    I have one hour on Github page at read lines of code. Changing modes. Copyn    p a t h s...Blame page, Normal view page, Raw,..nothing recognices but my inspiration have disappeared....
    When Livid guitar wing is disappeared from my Live preferences i have previewed a lost session.
       Finding where is a simply midi compiled script as I know.
    Sorry for my little English and my short "only music for" mind
  • Thanks Moon. I have good resolve with your help.

    Is a lake in my little knowledge: For any other purposes I have be blocked(scripts for other DAW. Controllers....) Need learn how to work with Github without need learn al Python (or others) language. 
    Some/like problem with Pure Data. I am conscient have not be very difficoult but I have an age where learn new paradigmas becomes more and more slow.
    For now I have that I need for my performance with G.Wing
  • Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know if there is a specific firmware needed to make the stepprs work on a Ohm64 ?
    Cause I've been trying to make it work for a long time and can't find any solution.

    Here is my config : 
    Ableton 9.7.1
    Max 7.3
    m4m7-master folder in documents/max 7/Packages

  • edited June 2017

    You'll need 9.7.2 for the currently available scripts to work. I've tested with 9.7.2 and Max 7.34, everything is working :)

    Make sure you've also replaced your Python files with in MIDI Remote Scripts with the proper files from the m4m7 repository. Let me know if you need more help, cheers!


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