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Is it possible to limit the amount of midi message per second?


I own a BrainJr and I've built a quiet simple controller midi that helps me launching and recording clips in ableton live.
I'd like to know if it's possible to limit the amount of midi message per second, since sometimes it happens that when I press a button, instead of the classic note on/note off message, the BrainJr produces a burst of note on/note off messages and since I press buttons for looping stuff, it creates very short loops, which are also terrible to hear.
The only way I figure out to fix this problem is to suppress any midi message after the first within a second, so that any possible burst is ignored (of course I never loop sounds that last less than a second, so it wouldn't be a problem).

And so here I ask you: is there any way to do this? Because in the Brain V2 Configure it seems not possible, but maybe there are other ways to have access to this kind of settings.

Thanks in advance!


  • edited July 2016

    Hi Moon,

    I've just tried that, but it doesn't change anything, the bursts are still there unluckily.
    It could also be the buttons (it's a foot controller, the bottons are the classic clickless footswitch buttons), but I don't want to buy new ones and risk to spend more money for nothing (unless of course they'd solve my problem for sure).

    If is there any way to do what I thought, would be great, otherwise it's quite a mess.
    Anyway thanks for your suggestion, if you have something else to try please let me know!!

    > Moon said: > Hi Real Player,

    This burst of messages that you are seeing is likely due to outdated firmware.

    Have you tried updating to version 2.22?

  • This is what happen: 2016-07-15 alle 18.11.46.png?dl=0

    The problem of course is that I pressed botton 5 once and botton 4 twice (the messages have been doubled)
  • Nope, they go straight into the BrainJr.

    As I was sayng the problem could be easily in the buttons, but it still remain a huge problem, since it's not reliable on stage.
    Is there really nothing I can do to fix this?

    And meanwhile thank you so much for your help man!
  • Yes it does

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