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I think my brand new Guitar Wing is defective

I just got this thing and it wont work. I was very excited to get it, and now I'm super-disappointed.

 Ive been thru your inrstuctions and as far as I can tell this controller just isn't working properly. 

It just doesn't work. It lights up,.. the buttons change color when I hit them, but it will not connect to my Mac Pro running 10.11.5, it will not connect to my iPad pro with latest iOS, nor my iPhone 5s. 

It just won't do it. Ive used the audio/ midi utility, Ive tried working with the bluetooth utility. 

I CANT get the controller to connect via bluetooth, wireless midi, I cant get the Wing FX to recognize it. I cant get the Livid Guitar Editor to recognize it. When I run The iPad app it says "searching for Bluetooth LE device" and just spins endlessly.

So I guess maybe it's a good idea to update the firmware of the Guitar Wing right? So I download the .Bin file and I unzip that and it turns it into a .cpgz. Seriously?? that unzips to another .cpgz,.. That unzips to another .cpgz,... Seriously?? What???

At this point not a happy customer. Please advise.
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