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Minim with Mac Issues, Disconnecting, Latency, Accelerometer, Sensitivity.

I have a Minim and have been playing with it ever since I received it.  Most of the issues have been worked out except for the following.

1. Disconnecting:  I am using the Minim with VDMX & Madmapper. The other night we had a party and the Minim automatically disconnected 3 times during a two hour performance.  I had to go back into the Audio MIDI Setup/ MIDI Studio, and reconnect via Bluetooth for it all to get working again.  To be clear, I don't have any problems with my 2015 15" MBP and any other bluetooth devices or accessories.

2. Latency:  The bluetooth latency on this device can be sluggish at times.  I thought it may have been due to the accelerometer, so I switched it off.  Nope, it's still not very snappy.  This could also lead into my other issue with Sensitivity: When I adjust the sensitivity settings in the minim editor it is almost as if nothing changes.  I get better response & sensitivity with a bluetooth keyboard.

3. Accelerometer:  In the minim editor when the accelerometer is turn on, even if I set the Minim down on a flat surface and let it sit still, the device is still sending out commands.  Between 0-6.  When this happens with an iphone, you do the figure 8 to reset the accelerometer, that didn't work for the minim.  I am currently keeping the tilt commands off because of this issue.

I would open up a support ticket, but these issues may not be my own.  

Computer specs:
OSX 10.10.4
Mid-2015 MBP 15" Retina 16GB DDR3
2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
Broadcom bluetooth
Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.3.5f8 15969
Audio MIDI setup version 3.0.6

Minim Bluetooth Data from MBP log:

  Livid Minim:

  Address: 20-91-48-A9-20-FC

  Major Type: Miscellaneous

  Minor Type: Unknown


  Paired: Yes

  Configured: Yes

  Connected: No

  Class of Device: 0x00 0x00 0x0000



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