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CC# and CC Value assigned to buttons

Does anyone know if there is a way to configure a botton control to a particular Midi CC# and Value?

So far, I know that a potentiometer will sweep through all the CC Values for a particular CC#, and that buttons are assigned a CC# and the velocity of pressing the button determines the CC Value. Would there be anyway that I could configure a button to activate an exact CC# and CC Value? As if I was activating an entire "preset" midi message.

I only use my Brain controller for a hardware synth and sequencer, so I do not want to achieve this function through a DAW setting. If this is not achievable with the Brain V2 firmware, could there ever be an update or hack to allow this?

An example of what I would do with this function is to use my RGB omni-board to have certain midi presets that I can jump to at any point. I could have a row of 4 buttons that are all set to the Filter Cutoff of my synthesizer, each with a different setting (such as 31, 63, 95, and 127).


  • The functions of MIDI Pipe look like something I could use, but its for Mac only and I have a PC. Bome's is not free and rather expensive. Are there any free alternatives to MIDI pipe that people have used for PC?

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