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Code Version 1 Hardware Editor


My PC crashed and now I am finding it hard to find online the editor for version 1 of the Code, as far as I can tell it is no longer on the wiki-anyone know, or have suggestions? code still works fine but I cant change its behaviour,




  • Dear Moon

    Thanks for replying to my comment, I never got a reply from Livid directly which is a shame. Anyhow, the first editor link leads to an error 404 , for me at least.

    I am not sure that I did ever upgrade the firmware, I will explore.

    If anyone from Livid is actually on the forum, it really would be helpful to have the link to the version 1 editor made good, and consider replying to requests directed to their support email

    kind regards

  • Dear Moon,

    Just to say that, I didn't upgrade the firmware and unfortunately the Code 2 editor doesn't work for me.

    What a pity, not as useful as it once was, maybe redundant?

    kind regards,

  • Hi

    Thanks for this.

    So I have downloaded and installed the version 1 editor, which works ! I never tried the online editor because it says it doesn't support version1 Code which is what I have.

    I am having some difficulty installing the updated firmware, the bootloader is taking ages to open the hex file. How long should that take-and can I turn this off in the middle assuming that it isn't actually installing the firmware?



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