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What to do with the Minim and iPad


I was really looking forward to getting the Minim.  Now it's here, powered up and ready to go.  But, I can't seem to do anything with it other than the MinimMusicLab app.  My other drum apps appear to see the Minim and can activate it as the MIDI in but no sounds.  Do I need to map each of the buttons on the Minim in these apps?  Most don't do mapping...I think they just assume any MIDI device will follow standard assignments.

Any ideas? Is anyone out there able to use the Minim with another iPad app?  What am I doing wrong?



  • Hi Justin,

    The editor sounds awesome!

    I couldn't get it to work with Arturia iSpark. I've got just about every drum app if you know of some that work with Minim.



  • Any plans to port this editor to iOS for those of us who are using the minim only with iPad/iPhone and not Mac?

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