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Minim Ableton Script

Did anyone get the Ableton Script to work?

I followed the instructions and have installed remote scripts in the past but this one still doesn't show up in the list.
I tried this on multiple computers but still didn't work.
Wrote to Livid but didn't get a response.


  • I know the version in github works....make sure that you copy both the Minim and aumhaa folders to your MIDI Remote Scripts folder.


  • I downloaded it from Livid's website: Download

    I assumed they would have a working version. It does not have a aumhaa folder. 

    How do you download the github version?

    There's a button on that page that says "Download Zip".  Once unpacked, put Minim and aumhaa folders in MIDI Remote Scripts and restart, you should be good then.  Let me know if you still can't get things working, I'll have a look.


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