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Problems with my brand new Minim...

edited April 2016 in Hardware
  1. How do you turn it off!? Holding down the power button doesn't seem to do it. (Edit. Oh, I have to press it pretty hard until it kind of clicks. It took quite a few attempts to get it right)

  2. When playing with the iPad app, all of the Minim pads turn green once I touch them, and stay that way. They don't change colour when I switch tracks (which is what I'm assuming they _should do).

  3. The last but one top button (= sound down in the app) is sticking down,

  4. What do the 2 (rather difficult to press) buttons on the top edge of the unit do?

  5. If I hold the device with the slider on the right (and power button on the bottom) which I believe is the correct way up, then the back panel is upside down. Is this the way it's meant to be?





  • Hi Moon, Thanks for the reply. I think the issue with the button LEDs not changing colour must have been a software glitch as it's behaving as I would expect now. All the side buttons are working ok, though I _am looking forward to them bedding in and becoming easier to press! And the top (sound don button) also seems to be bedding and not sticking as much, so maybe that's going to be ok too. I'll remember the screw loosening tip in case it doesn't completely loosen up.

    Thanks again...

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