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OHM RGB slim LED colours don't correspond to clip colours in Ableton Live

Hello ...

 i purchased an OHM RGB slim about 1.5 years ago. 
after about 8 months ( while on stage at quite a pretty huge gig) 
 it started flipping out and sending random midi messages to my computer ( pan,volume etc. )   drag !
so i had to send it all the way back to Texas to have it repaired  (i live in London) 
that took about 5 months to come back. 
now i finally have it back , and im trying to get it back to how i had it set up before i sent it away. 

when im on stage i mainly use it for launching clips 
MY PROBLEM IS :  i cant figure out how to get the LEDS to match the colours of my clips in ableton. 
say ill have a green clip , a red clip and a blue clip....   and i want the OHM's corresponding LEDs to automatically go green red and blue 
so that its easy for me to see what clip im about  to launch when im jumping around on stage so i dont have to squint at my laptop screen and look boring. !!
  is this a possibility with the OHM rgb ? or has it been in repair so long that i am hallucinating the fact that this function ever existed ?!

please help.. ! 
(sorry for the novel)




  • I think your hallucinating ;) The Livid scripts have never reflected clip color in Live....since there are only 7 colors available on the controller, and the clip color palette in Live is huge, we didn't go there with the scripts.  We barely have enough colors to reflect the current clip-state in Live.  I believe there are some third-party scripts that do this sort of thing (Will Marshall?), and I'm happy to make some commissioned modifications to the script that would do what you need,  but I don't really think it would be terribly useful.  You'd have to use flashing states to indicate clip status (e.g. playing, started, etc) and there'd be limited color accuracy (since there are only 7 colors).


  • i guess i will have to assign the colors manually then.

    thanks so much fro your help amounra  and Moon . :)

  • I actually have a problem with my OHM rgb that is almost similar; I have owned it for some months, and recently it has stopped to show me where the clips are in Ableton. All the buttons are greyed out, and won't light up where the clips are, so it's super difficult to trigger clips, because I have no indication on where they are. :) 

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