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OhmRGB Connectivity Issues

So, I bought an OhmRGB Slim around a year and half ago for VJing with Resolume Arena and was really enjoying it. But go figure, about a month or two after my warranty was up, I started getting connectivity issues, and now it will no longer connect with my laptop (50/50 whether or not the LEDs light up, but even when they do, neither Resolume or the OhmRGB Editor will recognize). The Livid guys told me they won't service or even advise on something out of warranty (helpful!) and directed me to either check with a local electronics shop or take it to the forums, so I'm hoping somebody here might have experienced something similar.

I'm working off a 2013 Macbook Pro, running Resolume 4 on El Capitain, and have been using this set-up successfully for several months with no problem. The issue replicates when I connect with different ports, different computers, and when I use different cables, so I'm thinking the problem is with the port itself (but if anyone is aware of another issue with the Ohms could be causing it, please advise). If it is the USB port, has anyone here who has had to open up their controller and replace parts that could offer guidance (especially since the Livid guys won't comment)? For the record, I work with LED video panels a lot and regularly repair and reprogram them, so I'd be comfortable swapping out the port if its that simple a fix. I was just hoping to chat with somebody who's actually taken one apart before I attempt to play doctor with mine. Thanks in advance! 


  • bump

    Having the same issues, definitely could use some info regarding the solution.

  • I've never replaced the usb jack on one of my controllers, but the usb port itself is on a smaller "brain-board" that plugs into the main board that the majority of the controls are soldered to.  Although it's not an easy task to take everything apart and put it back together, it's not a huge task.  Unfortunately, I'm mainly a software guy....although I've done some incidental soldering repairs and small reflows on a couple of my controllers over the years, I've never had to replaced the USB port on one of them, and have no idea what the correct part is :(  Hope that is helpful though....


  • Hi kristinraygun.

    It could be a lot of things here.
    Please fill out a ticket in our support system, and I can help you in detail.

    I agree with amounra, that typically these type of issues are firmware related or related to the smaller Brain PCB.
    Typically in my experience, it's a power supply component that causes this type of issue and not the USB Jack itself, though anything is possible.
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