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Livid_CodeGriid script: How can I change the midi channel?

Hi, I use Livid_CodeGriid remote script in ableton 9.6.
How can I change the midi channel?

I tryed to change the script:
CH = 0 # Channels are numbered 0 through 15, this script only makes use of one MIDI Channel (Channel 1).
but it works only CH=0.



  • Changing the MIDI Channel in the script (0-15) only changes where the script sends and receives MIDI.  You'll also need to change the channel on the Code via the editor.

    FWIW I'm not sure if the CodeGriid script will work on 9.6 (doubtful).  It hasn't been updated at this point to even work with 9.5.


  • Thank you for reply.
    I changed the channel on the Code via the editor.
    But when I opened ableton with CodeGriid script, It was changed forcibly to channel 1.

    I tried to deleted the script,

    time.localtime()) + "--------------= Code opened =--------------") # Writes message into Live's main log file. This is a ControlSurface method.  
    self._send_midi(factoryreset)        ←HERE
    It worked!

    I don’t know it has some problem, but anyway I could change midi channel.
    Thank you for your suggestion!!

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