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DS1 - Toggle LED colours in Ableton??

Hi there, my DS1 just arrived and I love it. 

I'm trying to do some editing of the LED colours  but I'm a bit out of my depth and would really appreciate some pointers. 

I'm using the bottom row of buttons to represent the on/off switch for each channel in Ableton Live.  I just want the LEDs in Ableton to toggle when I press them- Green when the channel is on, red when its switched off.  I've gone to the Livid online midi editor but I don't really know where to start. Any help would be much appreciated.



  • With the new DS1 editor you can set each buttons on/off color and tell it to respond to software. The editor is still in beta. The new official release version will be out soon! Info on the beta:

  • I've downloaded that and tried it but can't get it to work. I selected the button and picked green for on and red for off. 

    But when I use the DS1 in Ableton, it is still the same. It is always red when I am not holding the button, and green or off when I hold it down.  

    I just want the light to switch on and off as I switch each channel on and off. Would be really grateful for your help as I can't find any help anywhere else. 
  • I think you need to turn hardware control off for each button and you'll have what you need.  There's a two toggles for each button in the editor, one to turn on software control and the other for hardware control.  Make sure local (hardware) control is off.


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