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Can I trigger clips in Bitwig using the block?

Since there is no script for block with bitwig, I added a generic controller in Bitwig with 8 knobs.

The block sends generic midi notes from its grid. Is it possible to assign them to clips?


  • I figured that wasn't possible. 

    Loading a script for the OhmRGB makes the block almost work, although with some misconfigured buttons.
    Maybe I'll just write my own script for it. Perhaps even retrofit a Brain v2 and RGB LEDs? 
  • edited January 2016

    Yes OhmRGB.control.js seems to be a good starting point for this.

    I'll have a look at it when I have some time.
    Thanks for the help.
  • Hi, Wurlitzer!

    Have you progressed with your scripting plans? I have a similar situation by myself: would like to use Block with Bitwig. OhmRGB script seems as a good starting point.

  • Hi heikkiket,

    Unfortunately I've been busy with other projects and I haven't looked at this problem since.
    The Block is a bit old now, so I'd like to retrofit it with an RBG matrix when I have time some day.
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