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Brain v2 not recognized by configure

I recently received a replacement Brain v2 because my previous one did not have a standalone 5V DC jack. Now that my new one has come in, I am unable to connect it to the Brain Configure program. I don't think I'm doing anything differently from how I did before. My computer dings every time I plug it in and the big blue LED on the brain turns on, but the program says "No Brain v2 was detected. Check your USB connections, then restart the program."

Is there something wrong with my computer or the brain? There isn't alot of information in the wikis about how to configure the brain BESIDES just plugging it in. 


  • Since Moon responded, I had tried checking the max window/log files and I noticed my java was not properly installed. Java is now working and my log file is reporting a different error. Apparently it is failing when trying to find a brain v2 if I am understanding the max window output. 

    My computer has recognized the Brain v2 through device manager. I don't understand why the brain configure program isn't able to recognize my controller. I've tried the same things on my friends computer and he is getting the same max window output. 

    I have sent Moon the new max window output. Email if would like to read the output. Its just too long for a post. 
  • Moon,

    I am running a 64 bit version of Windows 7. I have updated my Brain's firmware with the v202 and v202 alias versions. This is technically the second brain I have tried to use with my computer since I replaced the first one, so I thought Alias would be a good idea. Hopefully I did all of that correctly.

    So far I have not been able to hook up any controls on my brain since this same error has been going on since I received this controller. I do not have any midi monitoring programs. So far everything I've built has been to control hardware. 

    At the very least, the HID boot loader Hex file uploader thing has recognized I've plugged in a device, so thats at least working! Which MIDI monitoring programs are a good idea?

  • Since receiving a replacement for my Brain v2 that was without a DC 5v jack, I have not been able to get it to work at all. I wish that I had kept the first brain and just wired 5v directly into from some other source. I have not been able to use any of the controllers I have spent the last two months building. If I do not receive some very resolving help in the next day about what is wrong with my computer, brain firmware, or any other possibility, then I will just fill out another ticket on the livid site and hope to get a replacement that I will be able to use.

    Thanks for any help

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