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Brain v2 voltage values to cc values on MAX/MSP

edited August 2015 in Hardware

Hey all,

I've begun the software component of a controller I'm designing and unfortunately I will not have access to the necessary hardware until I have completed my rough working patch in MAX. I am connecting a resistor array (discrete potentiometer, if you will) to my Brain v2 and want to convert the incoming voltage values received by the controller to MIDI note messages. Because I have to convert cc values to MIDI note numbers, I was wondering how I could determine what cc value would be transmitted given a certain voltage input to the controller. Any ideas on how I could go about determining this?

Thanks everyone!


  • It may not be exact, but you can approximate the MIDI CC data based on a linear 100K pot. So if you make your resistor array vary between 0 and 100K, in however many steps, then you can estimate the cc values to be a linear relation ship to the resistance value. This means the MIDI cc values will vary between 0-127 as your resistance varies between 0-100K.

    Think that is a close enough estimation?

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