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Ok, so I've read a lot of people complaining about the limited customization-options for the device. And ofcourse I was also under the impression that this is the device to get if you really want ot cusomtize your controller. Very wrong. It's very limited.

I don't seem to be able to use more than ONE color for the entire device if I want the buttons to interact somehow. For setting up a custom controller, overview is ofcourse one of the most important things. Impossible it seems. 

Anyway. I'm trying to do a workaround with midi feedback from Ableton and after a couple of hours getting what seems to be bugs I'm about to give up. I re-assign all the buttons to be the notes I'd like. For example the upper left part of the grid mimics the standard drum rack. Other buttons are assigned to be optimal for triggering stutter effects and so on.. 

The LED is set to locked. It gives me constant warnings when I change the buttons but in the end I have re-mapped every button to be the notes I want and the LEDs match the notes. I start up Ableton to try out the feedback. Everything is off. Might have something to do with the button-ID or whatever it's called. Nevermind, I go back to the editor and everyhing is completely off there aswell. 

Yes - I saved the configuration to my device. So yeah, it looks good - every number is in place. Save to device. Start Ableton. Everything is off. Re-open editor - Everyting is off. 

That's nothing compared to the hours I've spent trying to do it with the lock OFF just to manually "get it right". Then the controller can get stuck in a loop telling me that this note is assigned to that. I change "that" and then it tells me that "that" is assigned to "another that" and then in the end it comes back to the first note I tried to change and around it goes. Fkkn hell. Come ON! 

The editor in general seems really buggy. I can't belive there isn't a proper editing software that comes with a controller in this price-range. I mean, The controller IS the layout so I really don't know what I've bought at this moment. Something that clearly doesn't work.

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