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CNTRL:R Ableton Live Led colors

edited August 2015 in Software Discussion
The remote scripts are very well thought, but i want to map my CNTRL:R as i need for a performance.
If I do not use a script and map my controls as i like, all the feedback colors from live is green.
I'm looking for a way to match the colors of Ableton live clips with the LED button on my CNTRL:R so as some basic functions of live (track on/off).
Is it possible in a simple way to do this ? It would help me a lot for clarity in my project.
I'm not very good at programing …
Thank you for your help


  • Hi Dadov,

    My name is Mike Bosch and I have looked into this myself as well. IT appears that this is not possible. This is not a problem of the controller, but this is just the way that Ableton handles midi mapping, by only sending an on or off value (0 or 127).

    The CNTRL:R needs to receive a different value in order to display a different colour.

    You might be able to do it with some kind of midi translator software such as Bome's Midi Translator, but then you would be getting into scripting again, and as I understand you just want to map it directly in Ableton.

    I would advise to just use the script and use the user mapping pages to add your own mapping, so you can switch between your mapping and the remote script.

    Hopefully this will answer your question.

  • Mike, thank you for your answer,

    it is unfortunate that there is not more option for midi mapping in Live.
    Do you think It would be technically difficult to create a script that grabs the color of the clips ?
    About with max4live ?
    I will look at Bome's Midi Translator
    Thank you

  • Hi Dadov,

    Sorry for the late response. It might be possible with Max for live, but I am not that familiar with programming in Max for live. The best person to ask this question is Amounra, since he is the one that build the CNTRLR script.

    If he has some time he will surely help you find an answer for this.

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