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Cntrl:R Footpedal 2015

edited July 2015 in Hardware

Hi I still don't know which one I can use with this... 

I do own a dp-10 that is the same as a dp8 what i've read in the wiki would work 
but that pedal is so uncomfortable for using, and it only works on continous mode.

so I thought maybe I can use a 
Roland dp-2 instead cause they are smaller... 
But does not seem 2 work...

On this dutch site the sell the cntrl-r in combo with a roland ev-5 

Can i use the Ev-5 with it ? ( the wiki says something else but I don't understand...)
why does de dp2 dim lights as how the the boss fs-5u did not work with it 

I don't know how to switch the ring and tip wires... so that's no option for me

if the ev-5 is a possible candidate 
i might buy it... 


  • edited July 2015

    Another thing is 

    in the wiki it says 
    You can use the 1/4" jacks to connect Roland style expression pedals.

    a little bit further it says 
    (note: the Roland EV-5 is a different style of design and is NOT compatible with the Expansion Jacks).

    But the EV-5 is an expression pedal with TRS... and on the site they sell it in combo with the cntrl-R 

    So who do I have 2 trust the Wiki, that only states the dp-8. it's not clear what pedal u can use with it. The dp10 (sustain pedal) only works in continuous mode cause the other mode is switch that would not work... etc... 

    aaaaaarrrrrgggggg how can something like this be so frustrating... 

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