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[Code] Encoder button as encoder function change

edited July 2015 in Hardware


I've been comparing various MIDI controllers to get some deep control over software synthesisers. Code seems to be the best one, so I'm ordering it soon. Looking at its functions, though, there seems to be one lacking that I think would benefit such applications.

Bigger synthesisers ([semi-]modulars, like Bazille or Zebra) have a huge amount of continuous parameters and barely any buttons. Code with its 4 banks has more buttons than continuous controls. Great for DAW control, a waste for synthesis.

A proposal for an additional button function – a change of the MIDI CC or channel of an encoder. For example, having Button 1 change Encoder 1 channel 1 → 2. LED 1 lights up to show the function state of the encoder. A potential double in available encoders and, best of all, extremely ergonomic.
One might have Bank 1 Encoder 1 Button Off control Tune of an oscillator and Bank 1 Encoder 1 Button On control Tune modulation amount. Then a quick jump to Bank 2 and the same is done with another oscillator or Tune modulation source, thus having one knob cater to the same category of functions. Sky's hardly the limit. One little box could go as a dedicated hardware controller for various synthesisers.

I'm interested in what you think (:
(and another question – is it possible to have 4 separate buttons choose different banks rather than one cycle through all of them?)



  • edited July 2015

    I'll add one to that – maybe it's possible / only possible to achieve it through some extra program, like MidiPipe?

    If going for a workaround – having a knob's CC output converted into another CC# – can the LED ring reflect the now modified CC value?
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