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How to control live video sampling with ableton?

Hey guys,

Hi, my name is Simon and I run a not for profit peace and music project called The Human Sound Project - - its a project that empowers groups of people from different cultures and religions to come together through an interactive music experience and create new songs about their stories. 

I have come across a trying to incorporate live video into The Human Sound Project and I am wondering if you could possibly help me?

To give you little more background about the process: I work with the groups, to facilitate human sounds (singing, stomping, clapping) which are inspired by the groups’ stories. These sounds are live recorded into ableton as audio loops into ableton clip slots, and then I work with the group to form a composition out of the audio loops. The final song is a reflection of the group's collective story! You can see the many songs that have been created through this process around the world such as Palestinians and Israelis coming together to make songs, South Africans of different socio-economic backgrounds and more work like this here:

I want to start working with video loops and I guess this is a good place to start. What I want to do is, give groups the opportunity to form their own music video clip to accompany the final song they create. 

So I was thinking it would be great to setup a camera in the room and record a video loop automatically everytime I record a new audio loop in ableton. That is, video begins recording when i hit record on any ableton clip slot and then video stops recording as soon as the audio stops recording in ableton. From this action a new video loop sample is created which can be synched to the audio loops. That way after the event, we will have a whole bunch of video clips that easily be synched to the audio and then groups can play with creating their own video clips to the final song.

Also ideally (the dream) the group can see the video loops (through a projection) and they continue to be synched to the audio loops - so that everytime I play back an audio loop, they can not only hear the audio loop but also see the video of their group making the loop.

I have been looking all over the internet for solutions but have found nothing that has made sense to me - looked at Modul8, VDMX, Resolume, Livegrabber etc. Then I came across CELL DNA’S MAX FOR LIVE DEVICES and thought this could help with the solution? Perhaps some combination between CELL DNA’S MAX FOR LIVE DEVICES and VDMX?

I am a bit of a novice when it comes to technology and programming but I am wondering if anyone can be of help, point me in the right direction or provide some advice?


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