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OHM RGB Ableton Live 9.2 script?

Hey everyone,

Just would like to know when you guys are putting out the OHM RGB remote script compatible with Ableton Live 9.2 version which was released a few days ago. appreciate the support!


  • I believe Peter's already updated our installers to the newest version.  Have you tried reinstalling?  I'm running 9.2 and although I haven't tested it extensively, the script compiles and loads fine.


  • Amounra,

    Turns out the 9.15 script works fine. Thanks though. 

    A while back I asked you a question on how to permanently remap the master fader on the OHM to just another track fader? I believe you said you were working on it but never gotten back to me. Any update on how I can attempt to do that yet? Thanks a lot!
  • Which script are you using, OhmModes or OhmModes2?

  • OhmModes, yet to try that OhmModes2 you put out recently.

  • Amounra,

    Any news on this?
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