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Brain V2 - Behind the scenes

Hello guys,

I’m designing a controller and I’d like to use Brain V2. I need to manipulate the incoming analogue signal before it gets converted to MIDI by the Brain. I noticed that Brain uses Max/MSP in the background. My question is if it was possible to access to this Max/MSP? I understand that there are a lot of options to configure using Editor but I need to “see behind” it to be able to make some changes with the analogue signal coming from my sensor before it gets converted.

Could you help me with this dilemma, please?

Many thanks



  • The Brain V2 editor does use Max/MSP, however, the Brain itself does not. The signal is converted from analog to MIDI on the circuit itself.

    How do you want to effect the analog signal?

    Would it work equally as well to effect the midi signal before it reaches your software?

  • Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your quick reply. Actually I need to use the "gate" object with others to be able to set the right treshold; I want only certain values of the measured pressure to be used as velocity data. So I have to manipulate the signal before it gets converted into MIDI.

    I used Arduino before with a patch called Arduino2Max that can forward the sensor data to Max. Max reads it and then I can scale the numbers between 0 to 127 to get MIDI velocity. I'm not sure if it's possible with Brain V2.


  • The Brain v2 converts the analog signal to MIDI at the A/D converter on the Brain's pic chip before sending the MIDI data out over USB or through the MIDI jacks, so it is not possible to get a raw analog reading to send out of the Brain.

    I'm sure you can still achieve your goal using MAX and the MIDI signal.

    You may be able to use a "select" object to identify only the velocities you want to use.

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