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Brain jr midi note on and note off function for analog headers drama story

hi there.... 

already got 4 pcs brain jr from amazon, (too bad i cant preorder the brain v2 and i just needed 2 brain v2 :((( running on a deadline)

this project is for an installation bicycle where sensors is placed at the fork and sends info to the brain > ableton > speakers.
initaly i wanted to use arduino but the learning curve is tedious on the programming end.. so opt to choose brain v2 since it sends out midi (cutting half of the programming time)
so anyways for my little project that im going to be using ir reflective sensors that i ordered from adafruit ( ).
I made some little experimentations over a month on how i wanted it to work, finally as a note on and note off function
only for midi to trigger hits in Ableton live as i wanted only as a single hit per sensor ... no velo or cc as per drumpad. 
as of my findings on my research on and offline, ive kinda exhausted my brain to look any further and ask if u peepz could help me a little on this project. 

so basically my point in this is i want to make that reflective sensor send note on and note off. on the analog headers

ive gone through using the analog headers , it seems that its reading cc or bend msgs respectively, also ive tried all the fsr modes and including btn mode wich is not working, only working ones are  pot,fsr 1, fsr 3 , fsr 4 , fsr 6 , whereby its reading cc msgs as by best the brain configure program can handle.

also i have to make those sensors work as the wheel is going to be covered by a plastic plate and has black and white markings/designs for trigger points , black absorbs the ir and sends note off and white reflects it back to the ir and sends note on.

hope u guys could help me out on this ... 

here is some photos of the prototyping that i have done.. 

another issue is .. i bought the adafruit trellis also to my mistake i didnt check the i2c function on the livid brain jr/ v2 is unsupported or no documentation on how to program :( . it would be great if u guys implemented i2c. now im planning to purchase the omni board to use as a full 16 buttons to change the beats on the bike.

any other recommendations is greatly appreciated. 


  • edited June 2015

    hello moon sir :)

    thanks for the info on button mode.

    i hope ure reffering to this

    and flip mode on

    on another particular note ....the sensor reflects between 10 - 20mm from the object so getting data from more distance is not possible as i just need very short read distance unlike the video that you have posted :).and oh ive forgot to mention about reed switch. it works perfect for the button headers and thats the function i need . but thats a contingency plan if the ir sensor does not work best.and the environment is an issue for the IR since ive made tests outdoors on many positions/angles and including bright lamp light so the sun is no good to me XD.

    ive also been looking for alternatives on converting the cc msgs to notes via software.

    do u know of any simple ones? that could be of help too ...

    ive looked at pure data and its abit tricky to get it up..

    cycling 74's max is too expensive for my budget atm. boss is not satisfied hahah

    midi stroke.

    claims it could convert midi-whatever to keystrokes (so i could just map keys to ableton :P)

    need more reading on the matter

    anyways ... cant give up on this :)

    keeping it on researching :) thanks!

  • MIDI-OX will do CC to note-on with its MIDI Data Mapping Transforms.  

    If you need a note off, then copy paste a line,  add a delay, and change it to note-off
    It can change CC to just about anything MIDI.

    I have a brain2 on order and I expect to be using MIDI-OX to change CC to the long forgotten Key Aftertouch of MIDI.  Doesn't seem to be a FSR option for Key Aftertouch on the brain2 :(  Not many synths can use it.
  • hey noanaint

    thanks for the input on midi-ox. will use it once i get a windows machine :) 
    on an other note thanks for the help guys :) 
    already switched to using reed sensors due to the sunlight reacting crazy on the IR. 
    will post updates of this build in a few weeks time..

    cheers guys and keep up  the good work :)
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