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Permanent mounting of the Guitar Wing

It looks like I could drill out the screw holes through the top of the Guitar Wing and then use button head screws to bolt the Wing to the guitar. I want to mount the Wing to a Strat style or LP type body. 

Has anyone else done this?
Which guitar does the Wing fit best?



  • Thanks, that answers most of my question. But why hasn't anyone done this?

    It seems like permanent mounting is the natural evolution of this product.
  • Permanent mounting would be awesome. Keep in mind that the big pad on the mounting arm is part of the electronics. I found this out "the hard way" during my mounting attempts with my Parker Fly.

  • Thanks for these useful information.

  • Thanks Moon. It's good to know exactly what components are where for moders.

  • edited July 2015


  • I admire the design, the way Livid created a clamping bracket with a channel to hold the cable that connects to the battery module, but allows it to be removed. The battery pack could be crammed into a control cavity or mounted on the back. That makes it possible for us to relocate it, for permanent mountings, without being experts. YEAH!

    Speaking of permanent mounting: you might want to consider some non-traditional options that will hold firm without needing drilled holes. For an LP, maybe consider replacing the pickguard (save the old one to put back later), and using a strong (but removable) adhesive or lots of poster putty to paste it onto a replacement pickguard.

    Or, since the LP's face is curved, what about a huge gob of poster putty underneath it, to fill in the curve and make it stick firmly without rocking? That might be all the stickiness you'd ever need, but it adds weight.

    I've used Velcro tape for guitar synth pickups, with mixed success. The tape's adhesive is not as strong as the Velcro, and pulls off the guitar too easily.

  • Moon: if we wanted to splice or lengthen that cable (connecting Wing to battery pod), what would we need to know?

    Imagine I'm a doofus who can replace a guitar cable's plug, but does not really know electronics. Is it a bazillion little wires, or just 2 or 3 easy splices?

  • Only 2 wires to splice and lengthen, should be easy.

  • I want to mount permanently too. I keep moving the guitar wing when I hit the arm on the back. I was surprised to see there was a wire in it!

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