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BASE II FSR pad sensitivity issue.



  • @PolloRapido I also used two layers of wrap but from what Justin wrote it sounds like there may be individual differences in each unit. At least that would explain the inconsistencies they experienced when modding their Base controllers themselves. I could try a layer more but I hesitate to open it again because I am not sure how good this would be for the plastic threads for the screws. Also it is already so much better than before…

    Can you actually play flams with three fingers on one pad? That is something which works so smoothly on a Machine that I totally freaked out once I tried it.
  • Reporting in with my experience (TLDR: thank you @pollorapido)

    First took apart using the INCREDIBLY helpful picture sequence provided in @quasimono 's zip file (a great resource, thank you), and very haphazardly laid down two extremely bunched up layers of Saran Wrap. Reassembled everything and found the pads to be unbelievably sensitive but had three or so constantly mis-firing.

    I then disassembled again and very very carefully cut and laid out two extremely flat, smooth layers of the film, put it back together, and got a minimal (though very noticeable) improvement in sensitivity.

    I disassembled a third time, added a third, immaculately flat layer of the wrap, and fully reassembled again.

    Now the sensitivity on all the pads was right in the sweet spot-- actually playable! Night and day! HOWEVER- I must have had a small bunch near one pad because it was hyper sensitive and over triggering.

    I then just jammed on the pads, mostly focusing on that one, for about 45 minutes. After al that time, from compressing the layers down, the pad calmed down and began to behave like all the others.

    Again, thank you so much for the discovery pollo.

    The Base now feels like an actually usable piece of equipment which previously had been cast to the back of my closet from within the week of its release.

    Downsides to current implementation: because of the nature of manually stacking up this stuff and my poor crafting skills there do seem to be inconsistencies from pad to pad. Velocity seems to respond differently on each one. Though, that velocity actually seems to be more expressive, but it could be my imagination. Only other downside is that with the three layers I maaay have made the pads a bit -too- sensitive. I get the occasional double hit but it is well worth the trade off. Also, because of how my one hyperactive pad mellowed out, I assume things will generally even out with use.

    Thanks again to everyone in the community working towards this and I'm hoping to have a more robust, consistent, official solution from the good folks at livid. Keep us posted @moon

  • @hmbl thank you for your report. Maybe I open my box again to add another layer ;-) I think it you be a bit more sensitive still although it is already a lot better. Lets hope we all get a proper fixing kit by Livid with no need to cut these crappy foils…

    I had similar troubles with modding the Akai MPK25, where however it is a lot more fiddly because you have to put little pieces of foil under every pad and they keep slipping away all the time. It was horrible and I gave up at the end.
  • @hmbl I'm really happy to hear that I helped you guys for giving this instrument a second chance. Btw you can solve the flamming issue by losing a bit the screws near that particular pad, it worked for me.

  • @moon : Any progress ? I've bought this controller nearly one year ago to take a project to live situation relying on Live (hence my choice of the Base) and Max. When we started this thread, I was about to throw it away because I couldn't consider selling a defective product to somenone else. Now I need to know quickly if I should buy another grid controller like a launchpad pro or a push 2. I already bought an apc mini to prepare the project, thinking I would swap with the Base once the problem would be sorted, but I'm really fed up to wait, and can't spend the short time I have to make music aside my sound engineer job to make some tests using plastic foils... For me, this is a great waste of time and money if you don't come very quickly with a reliable solution. I already told in this thread I had a standard exchange with a new product by SCV with no result. I find it astounding that you never noticed this flaw which seems to plague all units when making tests. Sorry if this rant sounds harsh, but that's my state of mind after all these months patiently waiting. You now seem to take it seriously, but time flies...

  • I've just received a mail from Livid announcing massive discounts on the Base II (from 379 $ original price to 259 $), guitar wing and DS1. "With the growth in the music tech industry and the rising popularity of Livid controllers, we have been able to streamline our manufacturing process allowing us to reduce costs while maintaining our dedication to high quality". I feel some bitterness reading the last part of that sentence. I'm sure Livid is still quite good at building classic faders and pots controllers, I should have sticked to those instead of losing money and time trying to get them consider the flaws on their pads...

  • I just found a great deal on a Base II and it arrived yesterday.  Love the construction on this unit, but, like others in this thread, I've been shocked at how poor the playability is compared to my Maschine 2, the QuNeo I sold a few months ago, etc.  I'll definitely be trying quasimono's fix and hope it improves the pad performance.

  • @moon : Major Tom to Ground Control ? Anyone ? :)

  • "After Testing the plastic wrap mods, we are not going to offer a kit of this nature for Base v2 in the immediate future.
    Please fill out a ticket in our support system, so we can help you further.

    Are you taking the controllers back? I still have the original package…

  • The question now is, "How do you guys at the shop are testing the units". I mean, I tried at least 4-5 different base II, and all of it had the same issue. I wanna know, as a customer, who is the guy that tried the base during the development and said "Yes, it works"... maybe hulk?

    Don't mentioning the fact that I sended my defective unit back to you and you didn't realize the problem and sended it back. I'm upset, because i think you clearly now how big is the problem and you're covering up. IMHO First of all you have to talk with the producers of the FSR sheets and let us know the feedback that they gave to this issue. I know that you are a great brand, just look at the care of the details on your products, you can manage this way better that a plastic wrap (which is working btw) @quasimono for some 'strange' case, we all have the original package ready to fly.
  • So this morning I had this "keen to break stuff" attitude... And decided to try PolloRapido's and quasimono's DIY fix for improving the BASE's pad sensitivity. I did a few things differently: Instead of cling wrap or cellophane, I cut up a clear plastic sleeve (the sort used to protect and file paperwork in binders/folders). I figured a single sheet would give me the equivalent thickness of 2 or 3 layers of cellophane, but with less travel and perhaps a bit more cushioning. To make the screw holes, I simply used a bradawl for piercing, then pushed through a screwdriver to widen the holes. Everything else was straightforward. My main concern was trashing screw heads or threads just by opening it up, but the components are quality and didn't suffer.

    Put back together, it just works so nicely. Pad feel is a firmer, much less lateral travel triggering, low velocities are accurate and predictable, and it has eliminated the unwanted stutters (rapid note offs and ons) which plagued any delicately sustained notes when playing chromatically. It's pretty mint actually. If you wondered, velocity registration feels consistent across all the pads, there's no leakage between pads, and I can still quickly two-finger-flam on a pad so there's no release lag incurred. Phew.

    I expected to be disassembling it in future to try other sheet materials (since I now have the templates and screw storage maps), but I don't think I need to. If I do open it up again it'll probably just be to switch out the rubber feet for some smaller ones, or um... Yeah. So a big big thanks to PolloRapido, quasimono, hmbl et al.

  • @lowshelf I'm always happy to hear that.

  • Base II price has dropped at 169 $ "for a limited time"... They clearly know how big the problem is.

  • By the way, I contacted them a couple of months ago about the problem and they offered to take my Base back minus a %15 restocking fee. I accepted this offer. I feel that was very professional on their part. It's a shame as the Base has so much potential but the pads were just not good, at least on my unit...

  • Hey guys, I recently bought a Base 2 and had the same sensitivity issues as all of you are talking about in this thread. I've tried all of the solutions you guys mentioned and have different conclusions... First of all my pads were as someone pointed out perfect for hulk, so I went ahead and applied first one layer of acetate and then another (I used acetate since it's thicker and I wanted butter soft pads), using the template @quasimono designed. I found improved overall sensitivity, but some parts of the pads didn't trigger correctly at times (mostly when pressed at the center). I found this annoying and proceeded to remove all the mods I had applied and stick with the hulk version. 

    To my surprise, once I finished putting the controller back together after a long afternoon of experimenting, the sensitivity problem was miraculously fixed. My guess is that the screws were initially too loose (I assume since the controllers are assembled by hand there are a couple variations between one and the other), and once tightened the space between the pads and the sensors was shortened and therefore the sensitivity improved. 

    I hope my experience helps some of you, since yours helped me. 
  • That mod seems interesting... I think I might try it

    But I guess that if you open the unit you void the warranty, don't you?
  • edited August 2016


    I am also interested in improving the sensitivity of the pads.  I recently bought both a Base & Base 2 used.  With the latest firmware I set the pads to the highest sensitivity level but I still have to bend my fingers to get a respnse.    Pushing these is hard on my fingers, IMO.  In the videos I saw it looked much easier to push the pads.

    Has anyone compared the methods?  I read about 3 layers of clingwrap, acetate (where do you buy that?) and a plastic sheet from a binder.  What is the best method?

    FYI, what I really want is softer, more responsive pads.  Although, I'd settle for not stressing my fingers when trying to get the pads to respond.  The rubber is hard and takes a lot of  pressure to push.  I also find it difficult to get a predictable response.  So, how about a kit to replace the hard pads with softer, more responsive pads?

    Best regards,
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