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Foot stomping trip wire with velocity?

Hi everyone,

My Brain (2) is on order!

But my other brain had some thoughts. 
I wouldn't mind doing something like the:

Finhol Laser Kick

It basically a short range laser trip wire.

I figure this would be super simple with a brain.  Add a laser or ir led and an a opto receiver.  Generate some midi when the laser is tripped and let software in the PC handle the sync.

So that would be easy with a Brain 2

But then I thought it'd be nice to have some velocity.  I could use a FSR to step on but it might were out from stomping on it.
I was think of doing the trick where you trip one input, then another, and measure the time between them to determine velocity.
Maybe a laser line generator (modulated) with a couple of receivers on the other side.  A pivoting foot would trip sensors closer to the heel as I pivot down, then again near the toe.  Time between the two calculated for velocity.

Is there anything on a Brain that can measure time between two or more button pushes to derive velocity?

I can think of a few ways to do this externally, but if the Brain can do it already then all the better.

Thanks in advance!


  • The Brain does not have the capability to measure velocity like you described.

    However, FSR's are very sturdy. I doubt you would ware it out quickly! FSRs work very well with our Brains.

  • OK thanks,

    I hope to try one of the long FSRs to allow standing in different positions when tapping.

    I still wouldn't mind seeing  simple digital velocity like this for other misc uses when it comes up.

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