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DS1: User mode or equivalent?

edited April 2015 in Hardware

Very happy with my new DS1 so far, but there are two things I must have if I'm going to be able to retire my Launch Control from the rig.

I need a crossfader and tempo knob, and I need to be able to page through FX racks within the same channel. I love the Max patch that lets you map sends to an fx rack, but right now that's prohibitive when those sends are on a track that has at least one full fx rack already, as I can't get to the actual instrument, only the sends in such case. 

Previously I used the Launch Control's Factory 3 mode to page between multiple fx racks within the same track, but I don't see how I can do this with DS1. As for the crossfader and tempo knobs, I really only need to map those two things, so even one page of user mapping would be perfect, otherwise could I override two of the right side knobs with the online editor at all?

Thanks for helping a Livid newbie.


  • Hello Kuuma. As i know of the ds1 there isnt an instant 'user mode' page it Can be activated on the fly, like "press a button to change the layout"...

    Maybe this works for you... have tried to map too, the 3 most important parameters of each track to his macros 6,7,8, to control this via the 3 upper encoders, for the track selected? And you can select the track via the buttons up of the faders and the upper right encoder ¿?

    For the tempo knob, and cross fader, you can remap any of the knobs / encoders you want to sacrifice for this purpose...

  • thanks champi. it seems i'm unable to get the encoders to work by attempting to remap them in cmd+M (they end up just toggling knobs between 1 and 127). 

    3 of the 4 encoders don't have anything mapped to their click, right? could i theoretically make one of these toggle a user mapping or have one cycle through macro racks within a given track?
  • The 3 of the 4 encoders they doesn't appear to have anything mapped when clicked because the native Ds1 script have it mapped to the "Enc Speed" function,  this,  when activated, allows  a finest control of the original message mapped. 

    Take a look to the Wiki,  to the Ableton template, it helps a lot, to know how are all mapped,  and if you think  something isn't working right you can see how  responds all the controllers  via Midi Monitor App   or  in the   online editor there is an utility  to check it too.  
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