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Editor Wiki, special buttons confussion

Hi all again....learning about the online editor, at the Livid's Wiki, i  found a little confusing thing or error  ( i think)  

Referenced to  the special function buttons: ( enc. speed )

 """ If a button is configured as enc speed, it will send no MIDI messages. (CC 126)  """

But i see  in the online editor,  in my Ds1,  the  encoder button assigned for that function is Cc 127.  And if i reassign it to another button ,  it has the same  Cc, 127,  it's a Wiki's error ¿?


  • Nooo Sorry if i doesn't explained as i want. The ' enc speed' button doesn't outpout any message, it works as you say.
    I only refer to the comfussion in the wiki about the Cc mapped :)

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