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Ds1 "Changing the velocity max value of the faders"

Hi all, recently i bought my ds1 and testing it for my livesets with Ableton. I have a little question  i cant solve reading the manual of the product and the online editor....i  am trying to change the max value of the faders.... normal function is  send  from 0 min  to 127 max  and i'm trying to send from 0 min to 100 max.....  I want this because the Abletons mixer  sliders  up to +6db  and i  want to control only the range from -Db  to  0db  only,  not to raise the max 6db......     but the inline editor the "knobs & sliders" inspector doesnt shows  any  like this....or maybe i  don't know  how it can be set......   Sure any understand what i want and can help me....Many thanks!!!



  • You can set this in Ableton if you are using MIDI learn. When you map the fader, look on in the MIDI mapping list and you can slide the min/max value for the fader.

    If you are using the remote script this will not apply. Even using the remote script, you can still MIDI learn the faders, to overwrite the script and set the min and max values.

  • Yes I'm using the script... I try this afternoon i doesn't know i can overwrite the script with the abletons midi learn.... The only problem i think have this method is maybe i have to set this with any project individually..... But doesn't mátter many thanks :)

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