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Issue programming button ID66 in Block

Hi I connected to the editor on line and was looking at the values set by the default reset.When I go to button ID66 and press it ,it gives out the following midi note numbers in the midi viewer

CH 1 | Note (F#5) 66 64
CH 1 | Note (D0) 2 64
CH 1 | Note (Bb0) 10 64
CH 1 | Note (F#1) 18 64
CH 1 | Note (D2) 26 64
CH 1 | Note (Bb2) 34 64
CH 1 | Note (F#3) 42 64
CH 1 | Note (D4) 50 64
CH 1 | Note (Bb4) 58 64
CH 1 | Note (F#5) 66 0
CH 1 | Note (D0) 2 0
CH 1 | Note (Bb0) 10 0
CH 1 | Note (F#1) 18 0
CH 1 | Note (D2) 26 0
CH 1 | Note (Bb2) 34 0
CH 1 | Note (F#3) 42 0
CH 1 | Note (D4) 50 0
CH 1 | Note (Bb4) 58 0

when I try to change the value to something else in the editor it does not do anything and continues to output a stream of midi numbers
Is this normal or am I missing something ?
Actually just saw a message that this is the bank cycle button what if I want to change it to something else ?
This was the same for the offline and online editor


  • ok will have look actually i noticed that there was a rattling coming from the case so I took the back off and found a white oblong piece of thin plastic which has glue at each end dimensions 10mm x 50mm .I could not see where this came from any idea where this should go can and could this also be related to the button issue .I am reasonably handy with electronic stuff and could try to put it back in ?

  • hi did another check and now can see that all the buttons in the same row as ID16 to 23 all have the same problem as button ID66 so its that whole row with the same problem .I recon you are right something is shorting out in this row.I tried pushing them in different ways to get them to trigger normally but no joy.Let me know about the lose plasitic piece and where it should go.

  • The loose plastic bit used to go behind the livid logo on the front I think

  • Thanks have opened a ticket for repair

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