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DS1 with Reason 8

Hello everyone!

My name is Dan. This past November I purchased the DS1 with the hopes of using it as a controller for my DAW (Sequoia 12 at the time). Out of the box, you can tell its a great piece of hardware and I was excited to get it started. Unfortunately, I was never able to get it to work with Sequoia.

Fast forward to this week when I received my Alias 8 which works out of the box with Reason 8 (my new choice of DAW). It really is a great tool - but it makes me wonder why can't the DS1 work with Reason 8 just as easily? They both essentially have the same amount of faders and buttons. The DS1 has more knobs even, I don't see why the DS1 can't manage Reason the same way Alias 8 does.

I really would love to get the DS1 to start working with Reason 8 as seamless as the Alias 8 does - surely there must be a way!

All help appreciated.



  • I've followed that tutorial. Unfortunately I get an error when mapping and nothing happens. :\ I can provide further screenshots if you're interested. I emailed Livid staff about using it with Reason and was told they're working on something supposedly. Would be a good blend in my opinion.

    On another note my Alias 8 does not work with any of the effects rack extensions which is also frustrating. I purchased the add-on from Peff as well and still can't get it to map to effect extensions :(

  • We're you able to figure out the DS1 issue also?

  • I'm interested in get a DS-1 if work well with Reason 8+ 

    Any news about this? Is working now or are still issues with the integration?

  • There is no built in integration with Reason and Ds1 at this time. The DS1 will work as a generic MIDI controller, so that you can map it any way you like.

    Alias 8, Base//, and Code v2 all have integration designed for Reason:

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