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Mixing encoders, buttons and rotary pots on an Omni RGB.


it is maybe a stupid question: is it possible to freely connect encoders, pots or buttons on an Omni RGB board? All the examples on the Wiki have always for example: one full row of 4 encoders + one row of 4 pots + 2 rows of buttons. Would it be possible to have one encoder, one pot, 2 buttons on the same row, for example?
Hope my question is clear (sorry, english is not my native language) !
Thanks for your help!!


  • Fantastic, looks very flexible. Thanks a lot Moon for your detailed reply!!

    Will post a picture of my controller soon, should be finished in a few days then.
  • Forgot one question: I'll do something like this, on an Omni RGB: Encoders on 1,2,3,4 and 5. Pots on 6,7 and 8. Buttons on 9 to 16.

    Do I simply start from the 4E4K8B, and substitute the pot on position 5 for an encoder? Should I bridge something or add any diode? 
    Thanks again
  • I think (I hope) I understand the logic now ( row 1/3: SD1-8, SD11-18, DD1-8 and row 2/4: SD101-108, SD111-118, DD101-108).

    Thanks a lot once again, that's super helpful.
  • Hey Moon, wanted to thank you again, the controller works fine. Used it to demonstrate the control of sound sources on a surround system (Wave Field Synthesis), in real time. Done in Max MSP. Some pics: 

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