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operating 2 BASEv1 at the same time/usermodes

for now i am seeing just a kind of "mirroring behaviour" of my two Basev1 if i am using the usermode pages but it should be possible to map different parameters on one Base and other stuff on the usermodepages of the other Base unit,or?
could you explain to me what i must change in the editor to get such functionality?
or would an aliased version of the base (likewise to the alias version of the Code) solve my problem?
if so...would be great to see such an alias version but so far there is none...
thx a lot and have a nice day.



  • i was thinking about that...
    my controller-park for now is made out of two basev1,one cntrl:r,two code´s(mapped to different parameters without using the remotescript for live) and my reactivated old launchpad...
    and since the brilliant new cntrl:r-script by amounra things are getting more and more delicious so to speak:)
    looking forward for your answer.
    enjoy your day!

  • ups,havent seen your answer as i was writing my last comment.
    solution 2 is working,had tried that out before(and it´s also practical while you are playing an instrument because you can have different scales activated on the two base´s).
    solution 1 could be problematic as far as i can see it if i am running all my controllers at the same time...,right?
    we should have more midichannels than just this 16........

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