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Brain Jr - Connecting Line-in (audio) to Analog In

Hi all,

I want to get an audio signal on one of the Analog In pins of the Brain Jr so my software can act based on the volume of the audio signal coming in. Has anyone tried this before and how did you connect it? What configuration to use for the Analog In (Pot/FSR/ACC/BTN)?
Wul Btn wouldn't do the trick as it will only be an on/off. I need the full range.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



  • I've enough experience with electronics to accomplish this. It's just that there is almost no information on how the analogs are set up. With your information a whole lot of possibility's are opened up. Thanks!

  • Just an idea, you could possibly use a LM3915 dot bar display driver then use a voltage divider arrangement on the output to get the 0-3.3v, add a cap to slow it down.  Or directly use the LED out to drive the digital inputs on the Brain

    This kind of thing would be perfect for doing things like switching drum loops to play quieter less complicated loops when the music is quieter, to full on with crashes and fills when the music is loud.  
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