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Base : fader bugging after a few minutes of use.


I recently got my Base replaced (it had pads not working properly), via the thomann warranty. long (one month) but free shipping.

and the replacement Base also has a problem : at some point the 5th fader gets stuck at 0 and won't move up anymore (it can go up to around 35 max but then it jumps back to 0 as soon as I remove my finger). usually takes some minutes to get in the stuck position.

only way to get rid of it is to unplug and plug again the Base.

I got this bug at my first gig with the brand new replacement Base. and at every gig afterwards.

at first I thought it was an error in my puredata patch.
but then i had the same exact problem in a 100% different condition : different computer, different OS, and with a totally different puredata patch. anyway if I close puredata the bug stays. and even if I restart my computer without unplugging the Base.

the problem doesn't seem to occur when I leave the Base idle. only happens when I use it. although it doesn't seem to be related to the fader itself.
I actually do almost not use this fader with my current performance config. however I'm currently working on a new config that uses every control on the Base and having a non-working fader isn't an option.

here is a video of the problem :

I guess this qualifies for another replacement. although I have gigs comming and can't wait another month to get the Base back.


  • With no software open and only the BASE connected to your computer, does it show the same behavior?

  • after it bugged it stays stuck with this behavior when I close every software. And even when I restart windows (didn't try with macOS)

    it never happened with no software running. mostly because I cannot really use the BASE without any software. anyway the bug doesn't happen when the BASE is idle (tryed to leave it on a whole afternoon and nothing happened)

    sometimes it takes several dozens of minutes for the bug to happen. especially when I don't make a heavy use of the BASE (i.e. when I'm working on my liveset). although when I'm playing live it sometimes take less than a minute.

    I'll try to trigger the bug without any software (which means with the BASE not receiving any data)

  • ok.

    I managed to trigger the bug without running any software using midi.

    I just did plenty of fader movements and pushed plenty of pads together.

    took 3 - 4 min

  • Ok can you please try updating the firmware:

    Update Firmware

  • edited January 2015

    nope. it was already updated.
    I tried with the alternative firmware, it does the same.

  • Ok then please fill out a support ticket, and we'll sort it out!

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