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Base II Sequenced Beat

I watched Jeff's video from Sweetwater and tried to do the sequencing that he did. My Base II doesn't look like his when I put in in send mode. Its all green pads on the left but with one blue in the bottom left and all purple on the right. Just acting like a Base and firmware is up to date.



  • Are you using the latest firmware with the latest version of Ableton? 9.1.6?

    You also need to have an empty MIDI clip loaded on the drum track and playing.

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    @Mark I was actually using Ableton 9.1.7 but also tried with a 9.1.6 version. The Base II is up to date just re-installed the firmware yesterday. and followed the steps he had done. It seems that the sensitivity of it also has gone out of wack with me. I haven't dropped it or in anyway physically hurt it. It will however hit a Drum sound when I even move the Base II.

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    @Mark Disregard that last part of the comment. It stopped acting like that. But still running into problems for send mode.

  • @Mark have you been able to figure out anything?

  • Its working here if I load a drum rack, then make a new clip, and play that clip. Then I enter send mode. If its not going at this point you may need to enable sequencing by holding button 2 and pressing the sequencing enable button.

    Details here:

  • AAAAHHHAAA! your the man @Mark !

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