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Cannot map different notes to different banks with BASE

Hey there,

I have had a frustrating time with my BASE controller ever since I got it. I think many of my problems stem from me not understanding MIDI as well as I thought I did.

Currently I have my BASE mapped to a layout that mimics a drum set. I primarily use the controller for programming drums. However, I would also like to use it as a mixing interface with the sliders and also to mimic a keyboard layout. Ideally I would just press one button to cycle through the different layouts. I believe that this is what banks are used for.

What I have tried doing is mapping the #1 button on the right side of the controller to have the "bank" special setting which cycles through the banks and the numbers change on the LED screen. However, whenever I reprogram a pad on a different bank it gives me a message saying that I can only have that note mapped to a single pad. What am I doing wrong? I am able to map the LEDs to have different colors on different banks but I cannot seem to reprogram the notes.

Any help would be appreciated. If someone could point me towards a good primer on MIDI terminology that might be of help as well. 


  • The note messages on each page will be the same, the banking changes the MIDI channel. This is done in this way to allow more banks overall. You may use a program like MIDI Pipe to change the messages on the fly.

  • That's not super helpful at this moment unfortunately Mark. Namely because I own a PC. Not only that, but doesn't that eat up every midi channel so that there will be conflicts with the Ableton script? And thirdly that means that I have to run an extra program while performing and that I can only scroll down sixteen times in a set O_o that doesn't feel super useful for a long set.

  • Ignore everything I just said. My tablet bugged and somehow I posted on the wrong thread :c

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