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CNTRL:R DJ Template for Ableton Live 9 (Free Version)

edited November 2014 in Software Discussion

Hi Guys,

I have finally completed the DJ template and will release the full version tomorrow. But I took the time to also create a free version so you could all use it. The free version is a fully working template, but it is a stripped down version of the full version. In other words there are less functions, but it is still powerful enough to play a full DJ set and it also contains my 2 FX selector technique, that I use in my own Live performance sets.

Ok without further blah blah blah, here is the link:

I hope you will all enjoy this, basic instructions are provided. And if you want more functionality, you will be able to purchase the full version as soon as it is released.

Keep It Spinnin'

Mike Bosch


  • Hi Guys,

    For all that are interested, I have released the full version of the CNTRLR DJ Template for Ableton Live 9. It took me a little longer to release, because I have added a few new features.

    The full version contains a DJ looper (not like the Ableton loopers, but really playing the part you have looped in the track), gain control, to adjust the gain of your tracks if necessary, 4 dummy FX tracks with 36 different settings. Another 8 effects with three macro controls for extra manipulation, reverse effects, etc. etc., the DJ page is mapped on channel 5 in the user mode and there is a DJ FX page mapped to channel 6 in user mode.

    The good news is that I have decided to give this away for a special price. The first 25 purchasers will only pay £2.50 ($4.00), the next 25 purchasers will only pay £5.00 ($8.00), and after that the price will automatically go to its normal price of £10.00 ($15.00).

    Future updates will be free, since I have some extra features in mind.
     I am also working on a new Hybrid Template that will be released just before the end of 2014, and there will be some instrument and effect racks as freebies as well.

    Off course you can  always download the free version of the template and use that, it just doesn't have all the features as the full template, but it still works perfectly.

    For more information go to:

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
  • By the way any questions or feedback is well appreciated.

    Hope you guys enjoy this and find it useful

    Mike Bosch
  • Thanks for sharing Mike! I dig new intro price structure too.

    I'll check it out when I have some free time!

  • Ok that is cool Mark, I look forward to your feedback and hope the instructions will be sufficient for the moment. A video will be made soon, just need a new camera to do the recording.

  • Hi Guys,

    I hope that you like the free DJ template if you downloaded it and tried it out.
    In the mean time I have decided to use another payment system, to make it easier for anyone that wants to purchase the full version. This also means that I had to change the intro price structure.
    All amounts are now in US Dollars only and the first 25 buyers will get a 75% discount of the price. The second 25 buyers will get 50% discount and the third lot of 25 buyers will get a 25% discount.

    For the first 25 buyers, use this link to buy the full version of the template. When the first 25 have been sold, I will post a new link for the 50% discount.

    Hope you are all enjoying the template and I appreciate any feedback, even if you don't like it (which I don't think).

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch

  • For some more insight into the full version of the template I have added a link  to have a glimpse of some of the unique features that this DJ template has to offer.

    I must state that it can be used without the Livid CNTRL:R as well and can be used with any type of midi controller or even with a keyboard and mouse, although the latter is not really useful for a live set.

    Sales have started and is going well, but there are still intro prices available for the ones that want to pick this up for a fraction of the price.

    Keep It Spinning'

    Mike Bosch
  • Hi Guys,

    I hope you are all enjoying the KlikSynK DJ template and if there are any questions please let me know and I will help you out, whether it is for the free version or the full version.
     At this very moment I am working on the brand new template that will be released before the end of the year. I've always had the idea that certain parts of other software should be available in Ableton as well and with this new template which is called the Hybrid Performance Template I will be introducing a few new features and my new technique that will bring the Traktor Remix Decks to Ableton. There wil be so much more and it will be (as I call it) the Ableton performance template that will rule them all. (It is not a studio template)

    So keep an eye out on or here on the forum, because I am sure you don't want to miss out on this one.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
    ps. Just like the KlikSynK DJ Template, the Hybrid Performance Template can be used with any type of midi controller, but will be optimised for use with the Livid CNTRL:R.
  • Hi i am picking up a copy to support your efforts!

  • Thanks,

    Try the free version first to make sure it works, and if you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm checking the forum almost every day.

    Mike Bosch
  • how do i use this on a apc 40mk2? what changes do i need to make?

  • If you want to use it with a different controller, you would not need the midi remote script and I would advise to open click on the midi mapping tap in Ableton and remove all the midi mapping. This will not affect the template itself, and will prevent any button of being accidentally triggered.

    I don't have an APC 40 MKII, but if you can send me a layout of the buttons and let me know if there is a user page, then I would be happy to help you out to get this working with the APC MKII. One of the artists on my label Dutch Pitch has an old Akai APC40 and he said it was working great on his APC, so I will ask him as well.

    I guess the APC 40MKII has some native script for Ableton as well. So there might be just some small adjustments te make. I'll look into it today, after I have finished some work on the Hybrid Template.

    Mike Bosch
  • I can get to the APc user mode and map it manually but i dont get the led feedback- this i believe will require some programming. 

  • Yeah, I think it will need some programming for that. I don't own the APC, so it will be a difficult one for me.

    If the APC is automatically mapped to the parameters in the track then you would only need the mapping for the effects and the looper, but for now I advise you to just use the free version, until I have spoken to Saam (the artist on my label). Maybe he has an idea or some advise about this. It is a pity because I the new template is going to be great, but you need 2 mappable user pages, just as the full DJ template.

    I'll see what I can do for you and get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you want to reach me directly, just send me an email on, the response is much quicker.

  • @thecosmicorder,

    By the way, there is a very good script for the APC40 MKII made by Will Marshal. I think that might suit you better. It is equipped with a lot of features and also a step sequencer, so maybe that would be a better choice for you, since I don't have an APC40.

    Since I have a Livid CNTRL:R, and there are no templates specifically for the CNTRL:R, I started working on these templates to provide the CNTRL:R owners with these templates.

    Since I also own two Launchpads, I will also make a Launchpad Edition for the Hybrid Template and if I get the time to work on it in January I will also see if I can make a Launchpad Edition for the DJ Template. I will also be in the recording studio next weekend on Sunday, where we I can use an APC40 (old version), so i will have a look and see if I can borrow it for a few weeks from the guys to see if I can find out how to map it.

    Till then I would advise not to buy the full version until I had a look at it, unless you want to start using all the features and effects and map them to your APC40 in the way you want to control it yourself, but you would definitely need 2 user pages to map all the controls properly.

  • Since the 1st of January 2015 there is a new rule for online downloads being sold. Now they also add VAT to the price. Because of this rule and my vision of not making myself rich from this, but instead getting a little bit back for the hours I put into my templates and devices, I have lowered the price for the KlikSynK DJ template to $7.50.

    Hopefully this is enough compensation for the people who want to buy the full version.
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