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Code, Base, and Bitwig 1.1 Update

edited November 2014 in Software Discussion

Hello, I've noticed a few minor updates to the scripts since 1.1, such as a blue light indicator on the base for moving the gird up and down, which is very helpful. Are there any other changes or updates?

Also, I asked before about being able to map a knob on the Code to the tempo and have it adjust the tempo at a reasonable rate, and it was said then that it was not possible with the API. I am wondering if it is now possible? I asked something similar regarding a lemur template on the Bitwig forum and got this response from the user "Thomas Helzle:

"You can set things like tempo as raw for a while now with the API - before there was a problem with the fact that all values were always scaled, which is fine for standard values but not good enough for things like tempo where you want exact numbers.


Basically, this kind of setting only works well with relative encoders, but not at all well with absolute knobs, since tempo goes from 20-666, a normal midi knob with only 128 steps can't represent that range. But you could do an internal conversion in your script and for instance decide that you only want BPMs from 60-187.

With relative encoders you can use .inc instead of .set, so you can decide yourself what resolution and increment you want to use."

So is it possible now to map a knob on the code to do something like is suggested here - to move from say 60-187 with one click of the encoder moving the tempo by 1 BPM at a time? 

Also, is it possible yet to map an encoder button to one of the EQ kill switches? It's not working out of the box, but is it possible to make additions to the script to do this with the 1.1 update?

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